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Design Your Kids Room!

Movie themed posters can be seen everywhere, all over cities and even in some newspapers. Cinema posters are a great way to add colour and a touch of originality into any bedroom, which is why so many people opt to decorate their rooms with their favourite movie posters. Kids are big movie fans, we all know that, so why wouldn’t they love their favourite movie posters up on their walls? There are many options to choose from, depending on individual preference and movie taste, your child can have whatever they please up on their wall.


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Cinema style posters create the perfect theatre ambience in a bedroom, making it an ideal place to catch up on your favourite shows or movies. Movie themed cinema posters come in a range of different sizes, depending on personal preference and room space. Having your own cinema style poster can really make your bedroom stand out from the rest as they can be really eye-catching and engaging. Many people choose to have their own cinema style poster designed online because it allows them to be as original and creative as they please. By designing your own poster you get to choose exactly how you want it to look so that it fits your individual creative needs.


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Instant Print allows movie fans to design their own cinema style posters, whether they want their posters to depict their favourite movies or something more personal. By following a few quick and easy steps, customers can choose from a range of sizes, colours, formatting and font etc. The largest available poster size is A0, measuring at 118.9 x 84.1cm. You can have your poster printed on a range of materials, including 250gsm silk paper and 220 or 400 micron PVC. By using Instant Prints simple guides option, you can go through everything from bleed to resolution with all of the necessary details and information that will make your designing process run smoothly without any hiccups. By the end of it, you will have your very own cinema style poster than you can later have framed and put up on your wall for decades to come.

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