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Debt Elimination 101: Your Key Success Tips on How to Destroy Your Debt

Debt can paralyze you. The stress it brings can cause you to suffer mentally, emotionally, and physically. You get less sleep making you feel anxious and depressed.

Alleviate these symptoms by taking the necessary steps to destroy your debt. Regain your financial freedom and be stress-free.

However, be warned. The road to getting out of debt can be hard.  When you feel like you’re on the brink of giving up, you’re allowing others to take power over your finances Is this what you want for yourself? No doubt, your answer is a resounding NO. Here are tips we’ve rounded up to help you make smart steps towards destroying your debt:

Tip #1 Learn to live on a budget

Living on a budget is one of the best lessons you can get in the process of eliminating debt. Once you’ve succeeded, you’ll find it easy to continue. Why? It’s because the last thing you want is to find yourself back in debt. Financial & life coach, Whitney Hansen aptly describes a budget as a blueprint upon which you build your financial life. Here are tips to help you create an adequate budget:

  • Focus on the essentials
  • Get rid of luxuries
  • Set a monthly savings goal

You can use your savings to pay off debt. However, it’s also best to create an emergency fund for medical bills and home repairs. By having two separate funding, you won’t have to worry draining up money allotted for your debt elimination plan.

Tip #2 Don’t be ashamed to ask for help

A person in debt is often reluctant to talk about it. They tend to isolate themselves from family, friends, or from anyone who can help them. You should not feel shameful for having debt. It can happen to anyone. However, you shouldn’t allow yourself to stay in debt forever. Don’t deal with it on your own. Here’s where you can ask for help:

Talk to a credit counselor who can assist you in analyzing your finances likewise give you advice on how to rectify your situation.

A credit counselor can offer you tips on how to manage money

A credit counselor can also show you what repayment options are available to you

Consult with your creditors before the problem gets out of hand.

If you fall behind payments or unable to pay them, take note of the following:

Most creditors are willing to work with people who owe them money.

Be straightforward with your situation and show your willingness to settle your debt.

Ask what options are available to you.

Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. There are companies which can help you settle your debts such as Accredited Debt Relief. We recommend you check out this review to see if this company is right for you,

Tip #3 Stay committed

Your commitment to destroy debt will propel you to stick to your plan. By staying true to your commitment, it will be easier for you to give up the luxuries and make necessary sacrifices. You will feel less deprived for not buying your favorite Grandecafe latte.

The idea of being debt-free can inspire you. Looking at the situation from a bigger picture aids you in making these financial adjustments efficiently.Bruce McClary, NFCC’s VP for public relations and external affairs, proposes doing this visualization exercise to envision a debt-free life for yourself.

  • Imagine yourself debt-free, how does it feel?
  • Think about living a debt-free life
  • Envision what you’ve always wanted to do when you are debt-free

By following this technique, you’re able to motivate yourself to be more efficient in dealing with debt.


Eliminating debt is a long and hard process. Nonetheless, it is possible. The choice is in your hands. Your commitment towards it defines the success you will be achieving in the long run.

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