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Cyber Warfare

The world sure is changing. It is now far more likely for someone to get “mugged” online than in person. Now the type of mugging is quite a bit different than the guy on the street threatening you until you hand over your wallet. Online mugging still yields the same results, but it can be much more difficult for the police to apprehend the offender. Online thievery involves the person stealing your ID, credit card numbers, and bank accounts. Sometimes the person who has been robbed will not even know about it for quite some time.

I believe I would rather get mugged in person than online nowadays. At least I would have the opportunity to stop the person or provide a description of the culprit. And have a good story to tell. People that use the internet to take everything can be unidentifiable. Ninety-nine percent of police do not have the skills needed to track down the online perpetrator. Below is a list of some of the most frequent ways that the scammers will steal your money.

Social Media Scam

We have all had Friend Requests from people that we were not quite certain that we knew. Sometimes they will even have one or two of our friends on their Friends List, so we think we must know them. However, do not accept those Friend Requests. If you do, that person will have access to your pictures, your other friends, and any sort of information you have shared online, like where you work. They can actually create a fake account then under your name on other social media sites. In essence, they are stealing your identity.


Many people are unfamiliar with ransomware and what it actually does. It is a form of malware, and it will hold your entire computer hostage or encrypt all your files unless you agree to pay the amount they are asking. There are numerous ways they can gain access to your computer if you accidentally let them through some sort of scam. Sometimes it will come through an email and ask you to download the latest updates. It is possible to invest in a Cloud-hosted spam filter to stop email born threats before they reach your network though.

Lottery Scams

If you ever receive a notice that you have won some immense amount of money in a lottery that you don’t remember entering, contact your local police. They like to be aware of this sort of thing. This magical lottery scam has been used numerous times. They ask for your bank account number or something similar so they can deposit the money straight into your account. However, if you provide them the number, they can often take out some money through some sort of trickery. I have seen this firsthand one day in the bank when a senior citizen came in to discover that quite a bit of money had been removed from her account. It was quickly discovered that it had been from a false email saying she had won thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, she ended up losing thousands of dollars.


Catfishing is when you believe you are communicating with one person in a romantic sort of way, but it is actually somebody completely different. It has happened to the best of us. It does start getting very serious when they tell you about some sob story they have and would like you to loan them some money for a short while. If you have never met the person in real life, definitely do not give them any money. Even the worst people in the world can sound charming online or through text messages. It’s easy to act all cute when using emojis.

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