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Consumable Gifts That You’ll Love Giving and You’d Love Getting

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It’s easy for Christmas to become a chance to collect useless clutter, especially as we also usually reciprocate with similar things. However, it’s time to change the culture in your circle of friends. Put your foot down and stick to your guns as you develop a theme for this year’s gifts: consumables

When you give something that is used up, first of all, it’s probably useful, and more importantly, the chances that it will just stand there and gather dust is minimal. The thought is that they will get to use it eventually, and when they do, they will think of you and your generous and thoughtful gift. Is your mind devoid of such ideas though? Here are some popular items that will cover the majority of the people on your Christmas list.

  1. Coffee or Tea

Most people drink coffee or tea on a daily basis, making this an ideal consumable gift. Stop by your local coffee roasters for some fresh beans, or check out the gourmet tea house for some interesting new tea flavors. Remember that quality trumps quantity at this point, so it’s better to get a really nice small bag of coffee beans from coffee roasters and distributors that source and supply fair trade coffee, or even one tin of incredible tea than getting a few kilograms of McDonalds roast or a big box of Tetley orange pekoe. That is, unless you know that those are their favorite, in which case, they are great personalized gifts.

  1. Homemade Treats

Yes, the grocery stores are filled with brightly decorated sugar cookies and boxes and boxes of candy canes, but that doesn’t mean that everyone gets to taste the authentic and genuine flavors of the holiday season. If you are good at baking and have a special holiday recipe that always turns out very well, feel free to make a couple of batches, package them in some festive tins and present them as gifts. People understand and appreciate the time that goes into making something from scratch, so no worries, no one will think less of you.

  1. Spreads/Preserves

There’s a big disparity in quality of different spreads, preserves, and jams, so something very fancy will not just look beautiful, it will taste delightful. These are pantry staples that everyone has stocked for any situation, so there’s no chance that they will end up being thrown out or pushed into a far corner. Great for entertaining and fancy meals, they’ll be silently thanking you every time they assemble that cheese board or make pancakes in the morning, something that happens often during the holiday season.

  1. Specialty Alcohols

Most people dream of having a well-stocked bar at home, but let’s face it, it’s an expensive luxury to maintain, especially if you entertain and make cocktails often. Alcohol is a welcome gift, as it will always be used in some kind of drink, if not drunk straight or on the rocks. A classy alternative is a quality bottle of wine (or two!) to enjoy with a nice dinner or when unwinding after a stressful week.

  1. High Quality Toiletries + Pampering Sets

Shampoo, soap, lotion, bath salts and beard oil are useful consumable gifts that people don’t often splurge on getting the best of, even if they want to. Treat your family members and friends to hand wrapped gift baskets consisting of spa or pampering sets. Being associated with a relaxing and rewarding session in the tub is always a nice touch.

  1. Hobby Related

Is your aunt into knitting or your sister into painting? Enable them to continue their hobbies by giving them materials that they need for their craft or art. Do some investigating regarding what they look for when they buy their supplies or go high quality and they will appreciate being able to work with materials that they otherwise never would.

Consumable gifts aren’t just practical; they are more likely to be appreciated and liked by the recipient than objects that they may or may not like. However, be careful with things like perfumes or creams for which they might have a preference or aversion to. Stick to these 6 categories and you will be voted “Best Santa” for sure!

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