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The Chaos Theory & How It Affects Your Finances

Few of us are well versed in chaos theory or the branch of mathematics that studies and predicts the outcomes of unpredictable systems. But you’ll have heard of its most famous lesson: the butterfly effect. Not just a poorly made movie starring Ashton Kutcher, the lesson describes how the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in one part of the world can cause a hurricane in another, suggesting that a small change can have a huge impact on its surroundings.

Size Does Matter —Just Not How You Think

Not that we’re saying you should team up with a butterfly and start causing catastrophic weather patterns around the world. That would make you a supervillain. When your life isn’t a Marvel movie, the butterfly effect has a greater message as it relates to your finances. Contrary to what you may think, it’s not always the huge decisions that get you in or out of the red. A series of smaller choices can have a significant impact on the health of your finances — whether it’s for good or bad.

Just like compounding interest, bad decisions have a way of adding up. But so do healthy habits. That’s why we’ve created a list of easy, simple tasks to help improve your finances. Though by no means a comprehensive list of the ways you can cut down on expenses, this guide will get you started on the right foot.

Wait 30 Days

Impulse buying can throw a wrench in your plans. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to identify, as it only ever arises when you see something you love and consequently have to have. It could be 3-day passes to Stagecoach, a brand new Pixel XL, or another travel mug even though you already have 5 at home. It’s different for everyone. Whatever’s calling upon you to spend money, it can cause significant damage to your savings.

Here’s where the 30 Days Rule comes into effect. Rather than purchase these things immediately, give yourself 30 days to think about why you need these items. A month can give you some distance that lets you evaluate these purchases for what they are: unnecessary!

Secure Responsible Financial Assistance

Though it may seem counterintuitive to suggest borrowing money in order to improve your finances, securing a personal loan is actually a great way to support your finances in times of need. Sometimes, your budget will fail in the face of unexpected expenses, and you won’t have enough savings set aside to cover these unanticipated bills or repairs on our own. A loan helps you make these necessary purchases.

What’s important is your choice of lender. Not all lenders are like MoneyKey, a CAB that can facilitate third-party loans on your behalf in Texas. Some lenders won’t have the health of your finances in mind when they draw up the terms and conditions of your loan, which increases your chances of getting trapped in predatory loans you have no means to repay. As an accredited CAB, MoneyKey offers installment loans with more forgiving terms. The online installment loans from MoneyKey aren’t due all at once on a single date. Instead, you can repay them in installments, paying it back in smaller portions over several weeks, so you aren’t overburdened by your personal loan come pay day.

Use Your Phone

Let’s say, even after those 30 days of reflection, you still got that Pixel XL. As the most expensive Android on the market right now, it will have set you back a considerable sum. So why not get it to earn its keep? Set up your new smartphone with a variety of money management and money savings apps.

There are some that help you create and stick to a budget, so you only need to swipe your thumb to see where every dollar of yours is coming and going. You can also find a variety of online coupon apps that connect you the latest deals and specials at retailers and grocers around the country. Signing yourself up for online banking is another quick and easy way your Pixel can help you stay on top of your finances, as you can monitor your accounts and pay for bills with only a few taps — reducing the chances of missing due dates and accruing late fees!

It doesn’t take much to download an app or wait 30 days before you buy something, but you’d be surprised how much these small gestures can help your finances. Spending less doesn’t have to involve huge changes to your life. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can help you sock away more money. Use these easy ideas on how to brainstorm your own creative yet simple ways to save money. Just like the butterfly that can cause hurricanes, these ideas can have an impact disproportionate to their size.


  1. Small changes made all the difference for our finances. We stopped buying processed foods and made them at home. I started using cloth napkins and hankies. We use the library for entertainment instead of buying movie tickets or DVDs. Small things add up when you analyze them.

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