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I’m Over the Postal Service

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with having pen pals. I LOVED writing letters, getting letters in return, and checking the mailbox. (That is, until I turned 11 and discovered the wonder of pre-internet BBSes.) I remember being able to leave a five dollar bill in the mailbox, which the mailman would replace […]

Unsent Letters: Final Four Edition

Dear Louisville, That is all, because I can’t think about anything else until this game is over. Love, Andrea

I’m Over Product Parties

Mary Kay. Thirty One. Celebrating Home. Premier Jewelry. Lia Sophia. Tupperware. Uppercase Living. Longaberger Baskets. Pampered Chef. I swear, if I get one more Facebook invitation to one of these parties, I’m going to pull someone’s hair out. For the uninitiated (lucky!), I’m talking about product parties. Companies that hire people – usually women – […]

Stop Making Excuses and DO Something!

Between the drama with my son, dealing with my cousin’s finances (including a billion late bills because he never bothered to pay them), and somehow fitting in time for my own life, I’ve been super stressed this week. As some of you know, when I get frustrated, I tend to get all ranty. So I’ll just […]

Unsent Letters: Self Employed Still Means Working Edition

Dear Real Life Friends, I feel like my verbal explanations of what I do all day haven’t been effective, so maybe a letter will help you understand a few things. Yes, my work clothes are pajamas and a bathrobe most days. I traded in my flat iron and commute for bedhead and dogs on my […]