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Unsent Letters: Paypal Edition

Dearest Paypal, I want to take this opportunity to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for randomly limiting my account last night. After all the phishing emails I’ve gotten claiming my account had been limited, it was a refreshing change to get a real one. Now I know the difference and I can tell all […]

Is Customer Service Still a Thing? WHERE IS IT?

You guys already know about my beef with Comcast. And yes, there are updates, which I’ll get to. But first I really want to know – does customer service even exist anymore? In the past few weeks, I’ve had one negative experience after the other. I’m not a high maintenance individual when it comes to […]

Things I Wish I Could Say to My Clients

I’m always hesitant to complain about my clients because so many of them are my friends (AKA friends who read my blog). Most of the time, though, my friends aren’t the clients who drive me crazy; it’s the ones that pop up out of nowhere and don’t understand how the relationship is supposed to work. […]

Do Finance Blogs Make Money Even MORE Taboo?

  I had three separate conversations over the weekend with personal finance bloggers who have secrets. Not the scandalous kind, like having illegitimate children or belonging to a cult. No, these bloggers are carrying the weight of a much larger burden – they have made financial decisions that they never mentioned on their blogs. One blogger […]

When Do You Call Someone Out?

  I’m pretty open about the fact that I can be judgmental at times, even though I make a conscious effort not to be. As I’ve mentioned before, I think all of us make judgments when someone’s spending, choices, or behaviors clash with our personal values. For me, though, the dividing line is between thinking judgmentally […]