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July 2015: Net Worth Update

I’ve been touting the importance of tracking your net worth for quite some time now. I often hear people talk about how much money they make a year as if it is some safety net from debt and poverty. The truth is, it doesn’t matter if you make $10,000,000 a year if you spend every […]

Preparing for a Rainy Day: A Beginner’s Guide to Emergency Savings Accounts

Budgeting… you read a lot about the process and benefits, but very few of us are actually able to create a realistic budget and stick to it. Whether it’s a direct result of our impulsive shopping or due to one of life’s unexpected emergencies, staying within your financial means can often be rather challenging – […]

Design Your Kids Room!

Movie themed posters can be seen everywhere, all over cities and even in some newspapers. Cinema posters are a great way to add colour and a touch of originality into any bedroom, which is why so many people opt to decorate their rooms with their favourite movie posters. Kids are big movie fans, we all […]

I’m Over the Holidays

  Some of you might have noticed the lack of holiday-related posts around here lately. In a blogosphere that is totally obsessed with saving money on gifts, making your own wrapping paper, and surviving holiday office parties, this is probably the one place you can hang out with no mistletoe or ribbons. I have not […]

Love Drop for July: Felicity

You may be wondering, What the heck is Love Drop, and why does Andrea post about it every month? Love Drop is an amazing community of people who just plain want to help those in need. I feel privileged to make a (teeny) contribution toward Love Drop’s efforts each month, and I would strongly encourage […]