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FinTech Startups That Will Fundamentally Change Your Financial Situation

The Fintech sector in the UK is booming as venture capitalists and big banks are continually pitching tent with new startups offering lots of promise. Between July 2015 and January 2016 alone, more than £3.8bn worth of investments have been invested into the Fintech sector according to this research. Defining FinTech Startups What is Fintech […]

Profitable Properties: Add Value to Your Rental Property Without Spending a Bundle

These days, many property owners in the UK would like to earn a lot more income from their rentals, but they don’t know how they can justify a rent increase to their tenants. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to add perceived value your property. If you can’t afford to make major upgrades, at […]

Properties and Profits: Getting Started in Trust Deed Investing

Real estate has long served as a profitable investment vehicle for consumers of all income levels. Of course, the better off you are today, the more you’ll be able to invest now. There are many options available for property investment, and trust deed investing is a growing sector for those looking to profit from property […]

How Not To Drown In Banking Charges

Banks are kind of a necessary evil. They may keep your money safe, but they also take it from you by charging ridiculous banking fees that they never properly explain. And let’s be honest, no-one ever reads those extra tiny small print paragraphs at the end of the contract when they sign on for an […]

Invest When You Have Money, Not According to Stock Market Conditions

There is a fundamental philosophy to good investment, which most people have heard of: “Buy Low, Sell High”. This is a saying that undergirds all sound investment, and it’s a consideration to make before allocating your money for any purpose. But it’s also a philosophy that, misunderstood, can lead new investors to a variety of […]