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How You Can Save on Your Food Budget

When it comes to the household finances, it’s no wonder that there is not a whole lot of extra cash leftover by the time you pay bills, not to mention food, gas, and whatever amount of spending money that you can manage to gather up.  In order to free up extra money so you build […]

Can You Afford Not to Have Life Insurance?

Ask yourself a serious question – can your family afford to continue paying bills and living their lifestyle if you were to die tomorrow? As hard-hitting of a question as it is to answer, it’s an important one to think about. With the average life expectancy of an American at roughly 78 years as of […]

What’s a Powerful Diversification Tool with Beneficial Tax Treatment You’ve Likely Overlooked? IRAs!

One of the most attractive investment products that can help you save for your retirement is an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). These savings vehicles come in two major forms, traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs. Why Use an IRA to Invest for the Future? One of the reasons why an IRA is such an attractive way […]

Do What You Love and Get Paid For It

People talk about building their own businesses all the time. Often, they are simply tired of working for someone else and lining the pockets of a CEO who may not even know their name. The first hurdle is to figure out what that business will be. Some people choose to take their area of expertise […]

Tax Break Basics: Smart Steps for Investing in an Oil or Gas Partnership

As many of you know, I’m an avid student of all things finance. I’m constantly looking for new ways to invest my money and shelter my earnings from the evil clutches of the tax man! Pay attention to an alternative investment below from a loyal reader of So Over This.   You will have to […]