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What Millennials Need to Know About Traditional vs Roth IRAs

Contributing to an IRA is an effective way for people of all ages to create wealth for later in life. Those who choose to open an IRA have the option of opening a traditional or a Roth account. Many financial planners say that having one of each may be best for minimizing income tax both […]

How Can Early and Late Retirement Affect Social Security Payouts?

Most retirees give little thought to Social Security. After all, the thinking goes, Social Security won’t fully cover expenses in retirement, and it might not even be around. But Social Security is also a great safety net. It can supplement what you’ve saved, help you avoid running out of money, or help you pay down […]

5 Income Streams are a Necessity for Early Retirement

Have you heard of the acronym FIRE? It stands for Financial Independence and Retire Early. It refers to a growing movement of people that are hanging up their suits and ties for pajama’s and a home office. Early retirement has a negative connotation attached to it. People think it means quitting your job, being lazy, […]