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Happy Independence Day!

  To all my readers in the US, I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July! As of this moment, I haven’t decided whether my plans include going out of town with my family or staying home to work – my heart says MINI VACATION but my brain says MONEY. A few random things […]

Nuggets of Wisdom From My Dad

  Happy Father’s Day, all! I thought I’d take a minute today to honor my dad, AKA my teacher, financial advisor, landlord, mechanic, plumber, electrician, locksmith, tech support, reality checker, cheerleader, problem solver, mover of heavy things…. I could keep going but I’ll stop. Throughout my life, my dad has always been the person I […]

5 Reasons to Consider Becoming a Hermit

The other day my son came running into my office and stopped short. “Um, Mom?” he asked. “I don’t mean this in a bad way, but when was the last time you actually got dressed?” I don’t know what’s worse – that he asked, or that I had to think about it. In my defense, […]

Apostrophe Abuse Prevention: It Starts With You

I’m back in Ft. Benning for my cousin’s graduation from basic training, so I thought I’d give you something random for your Friday.  Oh, the apostrophe. The most misunderstood punctuation mark in history (other than maybe semicolons). The internet, including the personal finance blogosphere, is full of apostrophe abuse. And it makes me sad. Apostrophes do […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

To all my friends and readers who are moms, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! I feel very blessed to have my mom in my life, as well as my step-grandmother, my great-grandmother, my aunt, and my older sister. (Not to mention all my cousins, great aunts, and various other relatives!) Having many strong female influences has helped […]