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(not my actual hand) There’s no other way to say it – this week has just sucked. Work was terrible, life was horrible, it’s way too hot outside (97° today), and one of my dogs keeps peeing in my bedroom floor because he’s too lazy to go out the doggie door. I feel like running […]

Random Thoughts for Memorial Day Weekend

It’s Saturday and I’m sitting on the back porch with my new BFF the iPad. The heat isn’t blistering yet – it’s only about 88 degrees – and I’m full from a family reunion earlier today. Life is good at this moment! My random thoughts: First, I want to express my gratitude to everyone who […]

Random Thoughts for Monday #2

Happy Monday! Today I’ll be slaving away at my second job, hoping lots of clients show up so I can earn some money. Now that I’ve changed my schedule so I work the second job all day Monday instead of two afternoons a week, I don’t dread the beginning of the week nearly as much […]

Weekend Link Catch-up

I miss out on a lot of awesome blog posts during the week due to my work schedule, then spend the weekends trying to catch up. This is the first time I’ve posted a roundup, but I feel there are some great bloggers out there who fly under the radar at times. Here are some […]

Poll: Help Determine my Destiny!

Maybe the title was a little dramatic. Oh well. Next Saturday, my paycheck will contain an extra $500 or so – thanks to my second job – that I planned to use to buy an iPad. However, a comment from Dee on my previous post got me thinking. Although I’ve been saving for an iPad […]