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I’m No Financial Superwoman

I have practically raised my 21 year-old cousin. Well, I guess that’s inaccurate – my grandparents raised him. But before he could drive, I took him to all the places my grandparents didn’t want to go, like band practice, the mall, and the movies. I helped him with his homework. I let him stay at […]

Budget is No Longer a Four-Letter Word

Budgeting used to be one of those things I thought were for other people, not for me. I thought a budget was a good idea for someone who couldn’t manage their money, and I was managing mine just fine on my own. Never mind the fact that I was racking up debt and overdrawing my […]

Joining the Yakezie Challenge

  It feels silly since I’ve only been blogging for a minute, but I decided to enter So Over Debt in the Yakezie Challenge. Yakezie is an awesome network of personal finance sites/blogs. In order to join, I am committing myself to a 6-month challenge in which I’ll work to improve my blog, both in […]

Send Your Finances to Therapy

Thinking about money can be confusing and overwhelming, especially when your money situation is as out of control as mine used to be. No matter what state our finances are in, we tend to think about money in terms of something else we understand. This week, as I’ve worked on plans to return to providing […]

Weekend Thrift Fail

I usually spend my weekends close to home. I’ve become really good at finding fun stuff to do without spending a ton of money, like hardcore Apples to Apples tournaments with some of my best friends (if you’ve never played, you’re missing out!) or watching movies on Netflix. This weekend? Total failure. My 21 year-old […]