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My Bank is Awesome

If you’re new to SOD, I’ll fill you in on a little secret: I’m slightly obsessed with my bank. I won’t repeat my previous post about my love for PNC Virtual Wallet. To summarize in case you missed it, VW is the coolest thing ever and it’s the #1 tool I’ve used to change my […]

Complicating the System to Keep it Simple

I just made a major change to my financial plan that should, after the initial confusion, make managing my finances a lot easier. I start my part time job in April. Because I won’t have a set salary, my extra income will fluctuate depending on how many hours I bill for therapy. To complicate matters, […]

My Credit Sucks

There is one drawback to reading a lot of personal finance sites. Everywhere I look online, I see stuff like this: And it really makes me angry. I’ve talked briefly before about filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It’s one of the biggest regrets of my life – not the part where I got rid of the […]

My Son Wants a Bank Account

My son will turn 13 this summer and he has decided he wants his own bank account. He has a small savings account, a ton of savings bonds, and lots of collector coins, but he wants an actual checking account with a debit card. What finance-minded parent can resist? I wanted to open him a […]

I’m No Financial Superwoman

I have practically raised my 21 year-old cousin. Well, I guess that’s inaccurate – my grandparents raised him. But before he could drive, I took him to all the places my grandparents didn’t want to go, like band practice, the mall, and the movies. I helped him with his homework. I let him stay at […]