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We’ve Moved!

As of right now, SOD has a new home – – though the old URL will still direct you. I’m a little stressed out about it. My Alexa ranking has dropped to zero, which affects my progress in the Yakezie Challenge. Google doesn’t see the new domain name yet and probably won’t for awhile. […]

The Two Ways to Get Out of Debt

At the height of my spending frenzy, my dad said something that made a lot of sense. Actually, he says many things that make sense, especially regarding finances. He should be the one with the blog! Anyway, this particular comment is one that I have found to be universally true: There are only two ways […]

The Stages of Overspending

When I think about my financial weaknesses, there are plenty of them to talk about. Until recently, I didn’t save money. I didn’t have a retirement account. I paid overdraft fees constantly. Probably my biggest weakness, though, is my predisposition toward spending. Even when I was a kid, money burned a hole in my pocket. […]

Financially Responsible? 5 Great Reasons You Should Be

The following is a guest post from Money Sanity, who writes about making the best of opportunities, living frugally, prioritizing, planning and preparing for an uncertain future. The post is part of Yakezie Blog Swap #5, with the topic “What motivates me to be financially responsible?” Also check out my guest post on his site. […]

I Messed Up Today

I guess thinking about paying off my credit cards got me all hyped up. A few weeks ago, there was a fire at the tanning salon I go to. (I know, tanning is bad, skin cancer, etc. Not the point of this post.) There really aren’t any other places in town to tan, so I […]