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Love Drop for May: The Stalnaker Family

I recently joined the Love Drop team, which is an amazing group reaching out to help others. Every month, Love Drop chooses a family in need of assistance and works to gather donations, services, etc. to present to the family. I would encourage all of you to check out the May video, which describes the […]

Spending Roundup for April

Here’s the breakdown of where my money went in April: Fixed ExpensesThese are the easy ones. My car payment, car insurance, AT&T bill, cable/internet, and CC payments fall into this category. I budgeted $750 and spent $750. Groceries/HouseholdBudget was $250. I spent $263. Oops! GasGas is currently $3.89/gal. in my area. I increased my budget […]

Financial Advice that Annoys Me

There is a ton of financial advice out there for beginners. While I like to think I’m beyond that stage, I never let myself think I’m too smart to benefit from the knowledge of someone else. After all, until a few months ago, I was what Financial Samurai calls a Financial Dumb Ass. So I read […]

Dear 18 Year-Old Me

I got this idea from a post on Live Richly. How crazy fun would it be if I could actually send this letter back through time and warn myself of what’s coming? Honestly, my 18 year-old self would probably think it was a joke and throw it in the trash, because that’s how much I […]

Money Progress Update

Overall this has been a boring week. The two jobs are exhausting, it has rained nonstop, and I have done well to read other blogs, much less deal with my own. But that’s okay because it’s the weekend and I am NOT on call for work! It’s those little things, and my financial week has […]