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Financial Advice that Annoys Me

There is a ton of financial advice out there for beginners. While I like to think I’m beyond that stage, I never let myself think I’m too smart to benefit from the knowledge of someone else. After all, until a few months ago, I was what Financial Samurai calls a Financial Dumb Ass. So I read […]

Dear 18 Year-Old Me

I got this idea from a post on Live Richly. How crazy fun would it be if I could actually send this letter back through time and warn myself of what’s coming? Honestly, my 18 year-old self would probably think it was a joke and throw it in the trash, because that’s how much I […]

Money Progress Update

Overall this has been a boring week. The two jobs are exhausting, it has rained nonstop, and I have done well to read other blogs, much less deal with my own. But that’s okay because it’s the weekend and I am NOT on call for work! It’s those little things, and my financial week has […]

Personality Type vs. Financial Behavior

I first learned about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator when I was a graduate student. The MBTI is a series of questions that assigns you a four-letter personality type. There are tons of websites dedicated to explaining the various traits of each type. The MBTI is never 100% perfect as all of us have varying degrees […]

5 Lessons Learned From Bad Money Choices

From failing, you learn. From success, not so much. – Meet the Robinsons If you’ve been reading here very long, you know I’ve done some TOTALLY stupid things where money is concerned. Between bankruptcy, credit card debt, and expensive tanning bed packages, I have been the poster child for financial mistakes. Long ago, I decided […]