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Your Questions About PNC Virtual Wallet – Answered!

A lot of my blog traffic comes from people searching for information about PNC Virtual Wallet. That’s because I posted about how much I love Virtual Wallet back in February, and apparently Google thinks everyone should come here for information (not that I’m complaining!). I’m not affiliated with PNC in any way; I’m just a […]

I Have a Confession

It’s not what you think! Well, it probably is what you think, only different. Let me explain. (deep breath) Okay. So on Friday, I posted about how I almost bought an iPad but decided to wait until payday on the 21st. On Saturday, I had second thoughts and asked you guys to make the decision […]

Made a Good Choice (For Once)

As many of you know, I want an iPad very badly. I’ve been contemplating this purchase for months and finally started saving for one awhile back. Yesterday I got my billing sheet from the second job, which shows how much I’ll be getting paid on my next check. Looking at it, I realized I’ll have […]

HALT: Stop Overspending

  If you struggle with overspending like I do, you may feel there is no way to predict or control your behavior. I actually spent a lot of time pondering this when I was accumulating debt. It’s not like you wake up thinking, I’m going to spend money I don’t have today! Yet for many […]

Guest Post: Debt Fight

The following is part of a blog swap guest post by Chris Thomas of Debt  The monthly debt breakdown is daunting. And every month it must all be paid again. $2,500 – mortgage, taxes and homeowner’s insurance. $1,650 – Student Loan Debt repayment. Those two payments alone are $49,500 per year. That means at […]