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How To Use a Traditional IRA for Savings

Entering the workforce can be a very heady time. You need to choose between a 401K, Roth IRA, traditional IRA or any number of investment vehicles geared to protect your money and take care of you when you are too old and feeble to work. Then you also need to navigate the career world of […]

Why Neglecting Car Maintenance is a Waste of Money

If cars mean so much to car owners, why is it that most of them wait until the last minute to have them serviced? Like most devices, a car, over time, will require some TLC to continue to operate as efficiently as the day it was bought. All vehicles come with manuals that provide suggestions […]

Save Money and Avoid Falling for Overpriced Items

You don’t have to be shopping in a high-end store in order to be paying top dollar for products you are in the market to purchase.  Sure, we can save plenty of money by buying generic brands instead, where most are of equal or good enough quality, but it’s really the items that we buy […]

Why Neglecting to Keep Your Expensive Possessions Protected is Financially Irresponsible

Too many people purchase large ticket items without any worry about how to protect them. From smartphones to cars, expensive possessions need protection now more than ever. It is financially irresponsible to skip insurance plans, protective gear, and security measures on your most prized belongings. Doing so could result in hundreds of dollars or more […]

Four Ways to Save Money on Your Next Move

Buying your first home can be very expensive and you need to do everything that you can to save money wherever you possibly can. When you are saving for the down payment to put down on the home, consider saving money by taking a break from eating out, only buying essential items, and tracking where […]