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Working From Home

For many, extra time working from home is a dream come true – if you can make it come true! Whether it helps you avoid a difficult commute, or balance your working life with childcare, it adds some much needed flexibility and for many it’s something to aim for! Today we’re looking at a few […]

ICOs in Hong Kong

The last fiscal has seen an explosion in cryptocurrency values and had been major headlines across the globe. You also must have come across a newly coined acronym – ICO. So let’s try and get answers to some of the most common questions arising in your mind, like, what is an ICO? What is the […]

Getting and Giving Gift Cards as Gifts

These days, people have more options than ever for buying gifts. You can go online and choose from literally millions of options. So how do you know what the best choice is for the special person in your life? If you are buying for a loved one or close family friend, you may have some […]

3 Forex Trading Strategies To Actually Give Yourself An Edge

The Forex market is a beautiful, massive, and at times all-consuming beast. It is hard to get our minds around, let alone figure out how to profitably trade it. Lucky for us, there are other people who do spend their time figuring out great Forex trading strategies that they are happy to share with the […]

Stop Being a Cheapskate and Live a Frugal Lifestyle

There are plenty of ways you can free up extra money each and every month, whether it’s avoiding going out to eat and going grocery shopping instead, checking out great passive income ideas, or finding ways to reduce monthly expenses, but that is called living the frugal lifestyle, going cheap is not the right way, […]