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What You Need to Do if You Owe Back Taxes

After the long process of filing your taxes, you may feel defeated after learning you owe back money to the IRS. There are millions of taxpayers who owe the IRS every year, so you are not alone. Although it can feel like a burden, it is best to get your tax balance taken care of […]

Budgeting for the Gig Economy: Ways to Create Stability in Unstable Income

The gig economy turned extra hours, free space, and talent into money-making opportunities. Armed with an app or client, tracking tools, and gusto, one could depart from the 9-to-5 with enough hustle. Unfortunately, the gig economy doesn’t provide your typical safety nets. The Big Trade-Off An independent trucker, for example, trades regular pay and benefits […]

4 Good Sources for Debt Management and Eradication

While much has been written over the years about eradicating debt, some of the advice out there is better than others. Given the stakes, it’s advisable to avail yourself of the best information you can find as soon as you are able. It’s important to remember that just as the problem didn’t accrue overnight, solving […]

How to Cope with Unexpected Expenses

Whether you have an unexpected hospital bill or your car suddenly breaks down, costing you hundreds or even thousands out of nowhere, unplanned expenses unfortunately are a way of life.  The average income earner often struggles in the face of such financial emergencies and unexpected expenses are a major reason why many low to middle-income […]

How You Could be Wasting Your Hard-Earned Money

While a aaa membership cost may be worth it if you can utilize low insurance rates plus any membership incentives they offer, but taking a look at your entire financial picture is a good idea to examine all of the money coming in, going out, and figuring out if your monthly purchases are worth it.  […]