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Selling Your Home Without a Realtor

  On a side note, I have updated this article a bit to reflect a current annoyance I had with a real estate agent just this past weekend, and to promote the ease with which you can handle real estate transactions on your own, and without the use of a realtor. Far too many are […]

The benefits of using longboard skateboards

Alternative methods of transportation can have a broad range of benefits, and even though many people look at longboards as something to play with – this does not have to be the case. As a matter of fact, longboards can be an ideal option for anyone willing to get out there, do something fun, and […]

Is Eating Healthy as Expensive as We Think?

  This article is brought to by Inci Hillawi, a friend and fellow blogger, over at Bella’s Apron   When you hear the words organic, gluten-free, GMO free, you think dollar signs.  Buying those labeled foods can be more expensive and might raise the bill at the grocery store.  Why you ask?  Well, healthier foods […]

The Expense of a Mattress

The Problem It’s not an uncommon scenario: after a hectic, long day you have finally found a pause in the to-do list long enough to slip in between the sheets and close your eyes for more than a long blink. But the bed is sagging and it is lumpy, and you know you’ll be tossing […]

Smart Ways to Budget Your Finances

We all would love to be able to spend what we want without consequences, but unless you are able to strike it rich and have an endless supply of money coming in, there has to be a kink in the money faucet at some point and start to figure out how to have more coming […]