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How Buy a Mattress Without Breaking the Bank

Sleep is extremely important to our well-being, in more ways than one. A great night’s sleep helps prepare our brains to be its best when we are awake. Your body repairs any daily stress to your internal organs and cardiovascular system, your hormones rebalance, and you are more alert to take on your day. This […]

Pawrent Guilt: 4 Ways to Curb Regressive Puppy Training

We love our fluffy family members. That’s why we spoil them with plenty of snuggles and treats. But sometimes we spoil our dogs a little too much, which can lead to behavioral problems. One of the reasons we do this, myself included, is we sometimes feel guilty for going to work and leaving our pups […]

4 Ways to Protect your Valuable Belongings and Your Family

Many people keep most of their valuable items in their home, so you’ll want to be sure to keep it secure. The FBI states 60.5% of burglaries involved forced entry.  It’s essential that you work to keep your property safe and there are a variety of ways you can accomplish this. Taking time to explore […]

Insurance Coverage You Should Never Do Without

Saving money is chic, but being uninsured is not, especially if you get into an accident. Here’s another chic fact you might not have taken into account, however, and that is you need more than just auto insurance coverage. Even if you’re renting your residence and don’t have a significant other, going uninsured can have […]

Selling Your Home Without a Realtor

  On a side note, I have updated this article a bit to reflect a current annoyance I had with a real estate agent just this past weekend, and to promote the ease with which you can handle real estate transactions on your own, and without the use of a realtor. Far too many are […]