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All Work and No Play….

I’m now in my fourth week of working two jobs. Every Monday and Thursday afternoon, I head to one of my agency’s satellite offices, where I’m paid by the billable hour to provide individual therapy. The other three days, I work 10 hours at my “real” job to make up the time I miss (even […]

I Suck at Quitting Smoking

Any personal finance blog will tell you to separate needs from wants if you want to improve your finances. Too often, we spend a ton of money on junk we could live without, then complain that we’re broke. (Obviously not everyone does this, but we all know that many Americans are obsessed with stuff.) When […]

When the Right Choice Isn’t Easy

This is a little more personal than financial, but I really felt the need to post this today. Few people know that my ex-husband and I tried to date each other after we were divorced. I think a lot of divorced/separated people go through that stage – the relationship is familiar and comfortable (and dysfunctional, […]