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Too Much Stuff Update

I promised I would hold myself accountable for getting rid of some of my junk, so I wanted to check in before I forget about doing it and/or freak out and decide I can’t part with anything. Things I have gotten rid of so far: A 19-inch TV with built in VCR ($30) Wii Fit […]

My Coworker is an Idiot

One of my coworkers (I’ll call her Georgia) is driving me insane. I’m trying to keep my mouth shut because I only have to work with her for another week, but I don’t know if I can do it. The longer I work with her, the more it becomes apparent that she is never going […]

I Have Too Much Stuff – Do You?

Last night I decided to take control of the laundry disaster going on in my house. With all the drama at work lately, everything else in my life has kind of been on pause. I admit I haven’t been doing as much housework as I should any housework. And it shows. I brought up SIX […]

Job Situation Update

Wow, I feel like I fell off the earth for a little while! This week has been a hot mess – I’m so glad it’s the weekend I could cry. The quick version of what’s happening with my job: I resigned from my full-time job yesterday. My last day there will be July 29. My […]

I’m Over My Job

Yesterday was the final straw. I won’t go into detail, but I’m pretty sure it was the worst workday I’ve had in my entire life. I worked 13 hours, which included being interrogated by child protection regarding a false complaint from a parent, being cursed and screamed at by that parent, being left out of […]