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I’ve Really, Really Screwed Up

You guys don’t know how much I’ve been trying to avoid writing this post. I thought if I didn’t say anything the problem would resolve itself, but this morning I realized it isn’t going away. For weeks I’ve been trying to quell the mini nervous breakdown building up in my brain, but there’s no avoiding […]

How Many Plates Can You Spin?

When I was in college, one of my sociology instructors LOVED the analogy of plate spinning. He used it to describe everything from writing a paper to living in poverty. No matter how long and hard a circus performer trains, there is always a limit to how many plates he can spin before they all come […]

Update: I Think I Like My Job

I’m almost scared to say anything this early, but I’m pretty sure I am going to love my new job. I went to the high school last Tuesday and met all the staff – they are (shockingly) thrilled to have a full time therapist in the building. I can basically pull kids out of class […]

Confession: I Hate Cleaning

  I spent almost the entire weekend cleaning my house. Like major cleaning. This was the first time since probably December that I’ve scrubbed baseboards, cleaned out closets, and actually made my house look the way it’s supposed to. I hate cleaning with a passion, but the house was finally messy enough that it was […]

Farewell, Vortex of Suck!

Today is my last day at my sucktastic job!!!!!! I have eight things to accomplish today: Complete a performance evaluation for one of my staff Finish two discharge summaries on former residents Go to an awesome farewell lunch (free food from the boss!) Get petty cash and distribute to both facilities Attend treatment team Box […]