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Changing Jobs? How Will it Affect Your Mortgage Payments?

This is a guest post from MoneySupermarket. The current state of the economy has forced many people to change jobs. Companies are laying off hundreds of workers, so employees must look for new sources of income. If you have recently experienced a job change, you know that a new job affects everything in your life. […]

The Eurozone Crisis is Starting to Affect US Lending

This is a guest post. The Eurozone money crisis currently affecting Europe has started to impact US bank lending. This news comes after the latest survey of 50 loan officers at the Federal Reserve. How could this affect overall debt in the US? As the economy begins a slow recovery, credit conditions improved for awhile. […]

Are You Adequately Covered?

  On top of the existing drama at my job, I recently found out that I’ll be losing all my benefits in May 2012. I can’t express how excited I was (sarcasm) to find out that there is yet ANOTHER downside to what I thought would be the best job in the universe. Honestly, I’m […]

Can Green Energy Be Cheap?

This guest post is brought to you by uswitch. Has green energy traditionally been only within the budgets of the elite environmentalists? Not true. Green energy is not all about solar and wind power. It includes such things as energy efficient heating and cooling units, non-CFC refrigerants, pilotless gas ranges with electronic igniters and other […]

What is an MPAN/MPRN?

This is a guest post from First Utility. In 1998 the UK introduced the Competition Act. This provided an outline against the abuse of dominant market positions by large corporations. This act helped to offer a more competitive market for electricity and gas suppliers. Now consumers can get competitive pricing on gas and electricity not […]