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How Does Debt Negotiation Work?

The following is a guest post from Suzan Bekiroglu. When consumers are making their debt payments, but are unable to prevent the amount from increasing due to fees and interest charges, debt negotiation may be required. This process assertively seeks to reduce and to resolve financial obligations. Essentially, the creditor agrees to accept a lesser […]

Saving Money to Fund Your Renovations

The following is a guest post. Renovating your home may be another luxury that has taken a back seat in harsh economic times, but just like a new wardrobe, the interior design trends can be fast moving and no one wants to be left behind. The sight of a newly refurbished house can really lift […]

Does Your Business Need an Energy Meter?

The following is a guest post. Just like at home, managing your business consumption of electricity is an effective way to save money, budget wisely and have more money to spend on the things which really matter. There are a number of different UK business electricity suppliers so it is vital that you are with […]

Should I Invest in Metals?

These days many people are looking for safe investments in order to save up for a nest egg. But it’s hard to know what is safe. Should I invest in stocks and bonds? Mutual funds? What about precious metals? I’ve heard an awful lot about the rising value of gold from people who don’t seem […]

Know the Pros and Cons of Debt Settlement

Elizabeth Roque is an in-house writer for Franklin Debt Relief. She presents information about debt relief, credit card debt reduction, and getting out of debt on a variety of financial sites online. If you are suffering from debt that is larger than you can handle, debt settlement can be the answer to your problem. However, […]