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Different Savings Vessels

This is a guest post on behalf of MoneySupermarket. There are several different ways that individuals and family can set aside a little money. There are all types of means for keeping that money, including savings accounts, IRAs, and even fixed rate bonds. If you are looking for a way to save your money, consider […]

Compare Debt Relief Options With an Online Comparison

This guest post was written by Eliza Collins, who is a personal finance writer specializing in saving strategies, alternative income and debt relief options. You can read more of her articles at the debt settlement blog. One the hardest parts about deciding which debt relief option to pursue is knowing which one will help the […]

Personal Budgeting for Impulsive Teenagers

This is a guest post from Jonny Pean at Finance Wand. Are you wondering why personal budgeting is important for your teenage son or daughter? The sooner they understand the value of money, the better for them (and of course for you). It is important that they know how to be able to save money […]

How My Mate Turned His Finances Around with a Credit Card

This is a guest post from Mike Brains. We’ve all got one of them. A mate whose finances are an apt indicator of their chaotic life. Debt reminders, overdue bills, and warnings from bailiffs regularly litter their doormat. They’re always asking to borrow money. But yet they’re also always seemingly wasting money on the most […]

5 Ways to Stay Out of Debt

This is a guest post from Melanie Taylor, a finance expert in the UK. Rising inflation, increasing gas and electricity bills, an unstable job market…. It seems that now, more than ever, falling into debt is a very real possibility for all kinds of people. However, following a few of these practical tips could help […]