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The Beauty of Cruises for Single Parents

Brenda Hall was only 9 the first time she went on a year-long trip around the world with her parents. A couple decade later, it took a full-time job as local reporter for her to settle down in Detroit, Michigan. When home, she now can’t stop blogging about her discoveries around the world. Holidays are […]

Enjoying Some Family Time in Florida

Ruth Williams hails all the way from Tampa, Florida. She is a proud mum of four, and now helps organise guided trips to the US from her European home of Bordeaux, France. On top of all this, every now and then she still finds the time to share some secrets about her native country with online […]

Selling Your House When You Are a Single Parent

The following is a guest post. If you are a single parent who is struggling with the financial pressures of modern living then selling your home could be the best decision for you as, although it can be time-consuming, companies such as House Buyer Bureau are there to offer you a fair, cash price for […]

Saving Money the Smart Way

The following is a guest post. When it comes down to finances, it’s easy to be bewildered by the myriad options available for investing money. Figuring out how to save your money in the best possible way and form a budget that leaves room for you to not only pay your bills, but accomplish the […]

5 Tactics Single Parents Use to Travel Cheaply

The following is a guest post. There are a lot of travel discounts available for couples, families, and retirees, but single travelers – and even rarer, single travelers with kids – is not a group that gets a lot of attention. Family package vacations tend to separate kids and adults during the day but single […]