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Financial Advice from a Bill Collector

This is a guest post from Rachel, a reader with experience as a collections agent. She graciously agreed to post some tips for dealing with your creditors when you’re having trouble paying your bills. Please treat her with kindness and respect, and check out her brand new blog, Whimsical Melange. My experience is with auto […]

Financial Freedom is Important. Keeping Up with the Joneses is Not.

This is a guest post from Jana at Daily Money Shot. Much like me, Jana is working her way out of debt, except she only has about two years left to be debt free! Visit her site and check out more of her awesome posts. Bucksome Boomer recently wrote a terrific post on keeping up […]

If I Had a Million Dollars

This post is part of a Yakezie post meme created by Sandy @ Yes I Am Cheap. Participants are supposed to imagine that we’ve inherited or won $1 million and discuss what we would do with the money. Go check out the roundup of all posts in this series.   It’s hard for me to […]

Guest Post: Financial Do-Over

This is a guest post from Marissa at Thirty-Six Months for the 10th Yakezie Blog Swap. This week’s topic is, “If you had one financial do-over, what would it be and why?” Be sure to check out my guest post on her site! It is so hard to pinpoint exactly one thing that I would […]

Guest Post: Debt Fight

The following is part of a blog swap guest post by Chris Thomas of Debt  The monthly debt breakdown is daunting. And every month it must all be paid again. $2,500 – mortgage, taxes and homeowner’s insurance. $1,650 – Student Loan Debt repayment. Those two payments alone are $49,500 per year. That means at […]