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Guest Post: Credit Card Rewards and Cancer

This is a guest post from my friend Kevin, who you probably know from (and if you don’t, you should!). He has recently created a really cool site, Reward Boost, to help you find and maximize credit card rewards for free! I was able to beta test the site and I was amazed to […]

The True Value of Immigrating

This is a guest post from my friend Mary Rhodes of Fine Tune Finances, a Zimbabwean born but now British resident who is embarking on a mission to become as thrifty as possible. Go check out her site – she has had some amazing experiences! Immigration is a hotly debate challenged in most western societies. But I’d […]

Giving Up on Your Dreams Because of Debt

This is a guest post from my friend Brett. Don’t leave – this story is both hilarious and sad! I promise you’ll enjoy it. Debt has the power to take away a lot of things. Your car. Your home. Your ability to quit a job you hate. I’m fortunate enough to have never gone through […]

Self-Employment: How to Get a Job if Your Business Fails

This is a guest post from my friend, the aptly named Your Boss, at What Your Boss Really Thinks. I asked her to write this post because I’m always concerned about how my self-employment would look on a job application if my business ever collapsed.  Sometimes I wish I could be self-employed. Self-employment has the […]

Vanishing Paycheck

This is a guest post from Lauren at L Bee and the Money Tree. I’m on a plane headed back from Denver this morning, so I’ll be back with a post on Wednesday! Hi everyone- L Bee here. I’m guesting for Andrea while she is at #FinCon. I managed to tweak out this guest post […]