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6 Ways to Stay on Top of Personal Finance Starting Now

Getting control of your finances can be overwhelming, so if you share with a significant other it will be important to share every step of the way so that you are on the same page (and so the full burden does not fall solely on your shoulders).  Whether you are just getting out of college […]

Investing Your Savings to Pay off Your Debt

Traditional debt abatement is based around the ability to save money on a monthly basis and use it to pay down debt payments. However, in most cases this is a difficult and long process, especially if your debt is big compared to the amount you can save in a monthly basis. That’s why more and […]

I’ve Been on a Website Buying Spree

I’ve had some good fortune this past year picking up some new, well-known, customers that have been placing lots of advertisement orders with me. If you have been following my monthly income reports then you are probably aware of my steadily increasing income over the past 12 months. You are also probably aware that I […]

The Need for Flexibility when Looking at Trader Programs

As a trader, you need a trading platform that works for you. Trading can be a lonely business, and it’s far harder if you’re trying to battle against the tide. Your trading strategies will alter and change over time, from beginner to expert, and you need a trading platform that evolves with you. Here, we […]

Volatility Returns to the Capital Markets

Volatility in the currency market has started to percolate over the past few weeks as specific decision the Federal Reserve has made the concept of two-way monetary policy flow has been interrupted.  Volatility was under control leading into the December Federal Reserve meeting, and helped by the Fed delivering on its first rate hike in […]