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What is Currently Happening with Annuities in the US and UK

The following is a guest post. Annuities seem like a sound investment. You invest a lump sum and pay no tax on the interest; however, there are some points to make note of when it comes to withdrawing your money. Currently annuity rates are in freefall across the globe, but there are some areas of […]

Top 5 Tips for Shopping on a Budget

The following is a guest post. Even though everyone loves shopping and getting brand new outfits to wear, the only problem you may find is that the clothes that you like and want the most also happen to be the most expensive. Shopping on a budget is nowhere near as fun as going on a […]

Debt: Not Just an American Problem (Infographic)

US citizens are known for doing things to excess. Our cars, homes, bank accounts, and waistlines are bigger (on average) than those of people in other countries. Many people around the globe would give anything to be “poor” in the United States – the most poverty-stricken Americans are still better off than a significant portion […]