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Rocky Balboa Invented CrossFit Training

I’ve prided this site on being a good mix between topics on life, and on finance. Fortunately for me those two topics often collide. Health and exercise is definitely one of those areas where they collide, and one that is near and dear to my heart. Not because I’m some weight training guru, but rather […]

The Benefits of Debt Consolidation

Carrying debt can be quite a traumatic experience! Having been deep in the trenches of debt I can tell you what an emotionally draining experience it can be, and how it can consume every part of you. Owing money to creditors at a high interest rate can create a dangerous snowball effect that is very […]

Getting the Most Out of Your Children at Tax Time!

When it comes to school, grades and sports, all parents hope that their children will be a credit to their name. At tax time however, this can literally be the case. Thanks to the American Taxpayer Relief Act (also known as the fiscal cliff tax bill), the popular $1000 per child tax credit has now […]

How to Properly Grow Your Wealth

Most people are under the illusion that as long as you save some money from every paycheck that you will one day be able to comfortable retire. That really couldn’t be further from the truth. Now I’m not advocating that you go out and spend, spend, spend…rather, I’m saying that simply stuffing your mattress full […]

Pros and Cons: Emergency Loan or Defer Bills

There is a big debate regarding if a person should defer their bills or take an emergency loan to cover the bills. Emergency loans are not meant to be long term financial solutions they are smaller loans for when you say “I need money fast & today” to get you through for a few weeks. […]