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Boost Your Credit Score to Secure the Best Interest Rates

Your credit score is sort of the first impression you can give to a potential lender.  By pulling your credit, they are able to see your history as a borrower including how timely you pay your bills, how much credit you extend yourself, not to mention any blemishes that may appear.  Not only can a […]

How to Avoid Hurting Your Credit Score

When it comes to your credit score, not only is it really the first impression to a potential lender that can decide your ultimate fate for approval or denial, but it’s also the determining factor in the monthly payment, of which the better the credit score, the better the interest rate, providing you with the […]

How to Give Your Credit Score a Boost

It can be hard enough to make ends meet throughout the month as it is, let alone throw in extra interest on top of what you’re already paying just because you have a poor credit score.  You know that if you’ve ever applied for a mortgage, loan, credit card, even insurance, your credit score not […]

Why You Should Use a Credit Card for Every Purchase

Now while I understand that promoting the use of credit cards could create more harm than good for those that cannot handle the responsibility of a credit card.  After all, there is virtually no stopping you from spending, until you hit your credit limit, I suppose, and for any statement balance that carries over to […]

Credit Card Mistakes You Could Be Making

If you have submitted a credit application for just about anything, whether it’s for a mortgage, loan, rent, or even some potential employers are reviewing, you know that your credit score is sort of the first impression that you can give about your financial background, next being income of course.  When it comes to interest […]