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Careers – 5 Traits of a Good Accountant

Accountancy is a challenging field where small details being overlooked can have a great impact on businesses and individuals, including legal or financial ramifications. Knowing the traits of a good accountant is important if you are considering the career path or looking to employ an accountant for your business, as accountancy can often be the basis upon which many businesses decisions are made.


To suit the needs of modern clients, accountants must be flexible in terms of working environment and client circumstances. Businesses operating internationally, or across a variety of platforms, will have very specific needs and a good accountant will be able to keep up with standards in the industry to get the best results for their client. In the modern age of digital entrepreneurs and continued technological advancement, creative solutions to problems may be required, so flexibility is a must.

Organization – Especially Time Management

Accountants deal with huge amounts of information, which needs to be filed, prioritized, and available on demand. Many business deals or transactions depend on having a variety of elements in place, some of which may fall under the purview of the accountant. For this reason, it is important that all documents and information are correctly prioritized and processed, as delays can be extremely costly. Time management is additionally significant, as there are many accounting duties which, if not completed on time, may result in penalties or fines being imposed. An accountant should be aware of deadlines and able to manage their time to allow for unforeseen delays or issues.

Education and Commitment

Accounting is a demanding field. It requires vast amounts of knowledge and constant updating of that knowledge, so a masters in accounting is a great qualification, which companies might look for or even require when hiring accountants. Studying in school, or for an online masters in accounting, shows dedication to the field and long-term investment, over and above those individuals with a more basic or less specialized degree. Over time, businesses build relationships with their accountants based on trust and professionalism. For a business, choosing an accountant with a higher degree of education in their field can help to guarantee a long-term and effective partnership.


Sensitive and confidential client information is handled daily by accountants, so it is essential for companies to choose an accountant or firm with a reputation for being trustworthy. Another advantage to an ethical accountant is they will always produce honest books and comply with industry standards, as well as the law, which protects their clients.


In accountancy, perhaps more than any other field, attention to detail is vitally important. When business decisions are being made, financial information is likely to be a top priority, and even a small error can very easily be amplified and have huge effects. Day to day, attention to detail is a rare trait, making it even more valuable, especially when the stakes are high, such as during business transactions or sales. Furthermore, this attribute should come naturally and be second nature to any good accountant.

The characteristics required to be successful in the field of accountancy are varied but can be of paramount importance. Being a successful accountant necessitates all traits, as well as hard work and dedication.


  1. I would also say a level head. My mom was an accountant and she always told me, “The only thing more stressful than managing your own money is managing someone else’s money.” You have to be able to stay calm when your client is freaking out; you’re the source of stability and logic in that scenario.

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