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What Can Visiting the Warrior Trading Site Do For You?

Visiting the Warrior Trading Site | How to Invest | Learning to Invest | Investment Basics

Here is a story of cube farm drone that made it out of that rat race by using his natural grit and the tools he found on at the Warrior Trading site to make real money before quitting his job.

My man Ken worked at a boring office job in a converted store, sitting next to 1-95 on Rhode Island. The duties were easy, writing copy for a specialised newsletter that went out to 15,000 subscribers on super-specific topics about auto maintenance. Real gearheads, this audience. And Ken could write. But the passion wasn’t there.

Every day, Ken walked through the automatic double doors, swiped his employee card and trudged over to his gray cube. The fluorescent light bore down on Ken as he went through article after article of tire care tips. One of his only respites was checking Twitter every 15 minutes to see what was going on the world beyond his four gray walls.

That is how he came across Warrior Trading on Twitter. Ken had a paltry 401K with meager returns. But he had a head for numbers and technology and he always wanted to learn more about investing. So he clicked on the Twitter short link that brought him to the Warrior homepage.

It was a slow afternoon, so Ken downloaded the free ebook on how to day trade. He got lost in the momentum strategies and reversal strategy descriptions on the site. They described a lively world of business research and the potential to use that knowledge to buy and sell stocks quickly, along with a daily chat room that seemed more like a community than a Wall Street trading floor full of shouting knuckleheads.

Ken was hooked. He started on the Warrior courses, studying every night and breezing through the online tutorials. Soon enough he was in a paper trading simulator, making dummy trades and racking up decent returns during his first month. His risk management was excellent, given his natural inclination to make this path work so he could escape his gray prison of automotive newsletter writing.

Ken started out in early 2016, watching the Warrior chat room and quietly making his $50 to $100 per day in profits. Slowly that daily number began to climb and climb, until it reached the $200 per day level. Warrior instructors, who had been watching Ken’s progress since his first day in the program, encouraged him to buy some of the better software tools that allowed him to make find potential gappers from day to day.

Ken’s execution of the gap trading strategy was nearly flawless. He jumped up that first month to nearly $10,000 in profits. A Cinderella story if there ever was one.


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