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Call for Beta Testers!

Hi guys!

Thought I’d throw something different out there for a change. 🙂

I’m working on a number of new products and services that will be offered through my web design business in 2013. I have some awesome stuff planned and I’m super excited to share it when the time comes.

That said, sometimes it takes a village to make great things happen, so I’d like to reach out to all of you who take the time to read my blog. If you’re interested, I would love to have you sign up to be a beta tester for some of the new things coming up.

What Do I Have to Do?

You can sign up for my mailing list using the button at the end of this post. You’ll be asked to provide a first name and email address so I can notify you when I need people to test out my crazy ideas. You’ll receive one email with a confirmation link that you’ll need to click, then another email confirming your confirmation. (Don’t you just love that?)

Let me be clear: I will not send you spam. I will not flood your inbox with a message every day (or even every week). I will only contact you when there is a reason to contact you. And you can always skip out on opportunities if they don’t sound interesting, or you can unsubscribe at any time.

But What’s in it For Me?

It’s very rare for me to talk about my business plans before they’re set in stone. I guess because I’m mildly superstitious. But as a beta tester, you will get the inside scoop on what I’m concocting before anyone else. You also get a chance to try out the stuff I’m doing, then tell me what sucks about it so I can make it better.

List subscribers also receive these exciting benefits:

  • Discounts on any products or services that make it out of beta testing into the real world
  • Random rants via email when I’m having a particularly crappy day and want to vent
  • A feeling of superiority because you know something other people don’t (until someone tells and ruins it for all of us)
  • Reduced pricing on website design, website hosting, and anything else I offer that you might need
  • A pony*

If all this sounds amazing, sign up below and help Nuts and Bolts Media take over the internet! *evil laugh* 

*Not an actual pony. I wish I could, but I can’t. You can have a virtual pony, though.



  1. Hey Lady- I just wanted to say congrats… I was reading over some of your old posts from the spring, and look at you! You were having a hard time, but you got through it. Way to go.
    Am in my own "spring" just now, but knowing I've been at the bottom before and been able to work my way back up, and seeing I'm not the only one, has helped lift my mood. Thanks for that, and best of luck with your new endeavor!


    • Thank you! It's really amazing how much things can change in a matter of weeks or months. There have been two times this year that I seriously didn't know how I'd make it (post to come a little closer to my quit-o-versary) but things have always worked out.

      Spring isn't always fun but it just means that summer is around the corner! Hoping things get better for you soon. 🙂

  2. Signed up, Andrea, as I am curious what you're concocting in that brilliant mind and I really, really want a virtual pony.

  3. Normally I would be willing to help out, but I am going to have to pass. We are in a huge testing cycle of some new software at work and then we will roll it out, so I don't think I could take testing anything else… sorry!

    • Understandable! I definitely don't want people to sign up if they aren't into it. There won't be a TON of testing or anything, but I will need people who are ready to rock and roll when the time comes. Hope the software testing goes smoothly!

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