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Avoiding Some Could Add Up to Huge Savings

We are always looking to save money, trying to cut corners wherever we can, but it is difficult with our hectic lives, barely making ends meet as it is, let alone free up an extra money.  You may be overlooking some of the common occurrences in our lives that maybe we have grown accustomed to, or couldn’t imagine living without.  No matter, the reason, if you need to free up extra dollars every month that could add up to huge savings over the course of the year, you may need to look in a few other places that you were either afraid to dig in, or didn’t come to mind.

Cutting the Cable Cord

Depending on your age, you may remember a time when you were fortunate enough to be able to afford cable, only knowing the local channels, but we seem to want to go back to that now, as the premium price for cable just seems like a waste.  Avoiding commercials, we DVR everything, or binge watch when it comes onto Netflix.  Although you can’t get away from the internet charge, you could save over $100 a month by just cancelling cable.  A $20 HD antenna will get you the local channels, and a $10 a month streaming service could be enough to get you by, and who knows, maybe you won’t even miss it.

Junk Food and Drinks

Going out of the house with an empty stomach or thirsty just has wasting money all over it.  At the grocery store you can purchase plenty of impulse purchases, but hey at least they are not overpriced.  If you stop at the gas station or liquor store for snacks, for a single serving soda or snacks, you’ll be paying more than it would cost for the larger items at the grocery store.  Energy drinks is where they especially get you, charging a few dollars for a can.  Junk food and candy are neither good for you or good for your wallet.

Stopping for Coffee

You are mistaken if you think that I am suggesting getting rid of coffee, as that is completely needed for me to function in the morning, but what I am saying we can give up is stopping for a $3 large coffee.  If you get a $25 programmable coffee pot, you can load with water and coffee grounds before you go to bet, and by the time you wake up, the aroma of the fresh coffee pot will be filling the air and ready for you to fill a travel mug to take on the way to work.  Hopefully your work at least offers free coffee throughout the day.

Going Out to Eat

Sure, it is easy to go out to your favorite restaurant, and have your meal prepared, served, with you leaving without having to clean up, but that comes at a price.  For a fraction of the price, if you can do your grocery shopping for the week, eat breakfast at home, pack a lunch, and eat dinner at home, you will save hundreds of dollars every month guaranteed.  Now granted it is hard to do every meal out of your house, so even if you are the type to eat out a lot now, try limiting to only going out once a week on the weekend and you will still see the savings add up.

Online Shopping

This is especially hard for me working from home, with no internet restrictions and virtually any product available to me with the click of a few button’s, or even one-click from Amazon.  The problem with online shopping compared to retail is that you do not have a chance to see the product and at least think about it before you take it up to the register.  Online you just see it and click to buy it.  Retail shopping will be more of a hassle having to leave your house, finding a parking spot, and fighting the crowds, but the delay may be worth it.  Also, if you are looking to purchase an item, leave it in your cart and come back to it in a week or so and see if the desire is still there to make the purchase.

Going to the Bar

Much like coffee fuels my workweek, enjoying a few drinks on my weekend is something I do enjoy, so I will not be suggesting giving this up either, but the bar is where it gets pricey.  If you plan to go out, try having a few drinks at yours or a friend’s house, get the music going, and get to the bar late.


  1. True! These little “daily” expenses can add up to equal big expenses like rent/mortgage and car payments. We had a lot of success cutting out restaurant expenses entirely. We were able to build our savings and start paying off debt. 🙂

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