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August 2017 – Blog Net Income Report

Welcome back to another monthly income report on So Over This! This is my usual foray into my revenue and net earnings that I illustrate and publish for you all of you voyeurs each month. The best earnings are the kind that you make from the comfort of your own home! If you  want to replicate the earnings you see, or some form of them, check out my quick and easy tutorial on how to start a blog yourself.

I’ll cut to the chase and you can see a snapshot of monthly revenue and expenses for July, and then an explanation and path forward as usual:

August came in at nearly $88,000! A pretty solid month again. over $3,000 higher than last month, and I can see September shaping up to be just as good based on my accounts receivable that is built up already. I had some good news with one particular customer that decided to double their business with me going forward, they were already one of my top 5 customers so this is great news! Everything seems to be humming along nicely.

Now on to my expectations, goals updates, and what’s to come over the next several months:

Acquire more websites and assure they are higher quality: You might have seen that I’ve taken the last few months off of buying up new sites, and finally broke down and purchased a new one this month. It’s the first one in awhile, but I got an extremely good deal on it and just couldn’t pass it up. I actually bid on 3 other sites but couldn’t come to an agreement, so it looks like I’m somewhat back in action on the website buying front.

Increase my customer base: I actually picked up a new customer recently that looks like they will be sending some serious work my way, but we are still in the early stages. This continues to illustrate that the more time I set aside to take calls and meetings that more beneficial it has been in acquiring new business. Lastly, as I said above, one of my customers decided to double their business with me. This was somewhat unexpected, but they have seen the value of my SEO services and decided to double down on their efforts to keep growing their traffic.

Work towards becoming a full-fledged digital marketing agency: Quite frankly, I lack the expertise and time to achieve becoming a full-stack marketing agency. However, I am contemplating a collaboration with another person whom I have done some work with before. He has the team in place to help me achieve this, and would greatly benefit from my contacts and ability to quickly acquire new customers. We are going to start brainstorming on how to build out a full-fledged agency over the coming months, so stay tuned as it looks like this might pick up a bit after all.

Remember… it all started with one website…my entire business began with just starting a single personal finance blog! Now it appears I will have net earnings over $1,000,000 this year! I’m not a coder, I don’t understand anything that a website plug-in can’t do for me. I’m a technical idiot. My expertise and strength has been in my persistence to simply grow a business online and not to get discouraged and stop. It took a me nearly a year until I earned a dime from my blogging, and now I’m close to earning 7-figures annually.

My ultimate goal isn’t to retire, but rather, be financially independent. I work a day job currently, but the important part is that I don’t have to. I do it because it’s a challenge, I like the people, and I choose to do it. Eventually I might choose to do something else, and I am fortunate enough that I should be able to pursue whatever that is when the time comes.

Think of something you are passionate about and create a blog and put some effort into it! You don’t necessarily have to be the best at it…it only require passion and patience, and the money will eventually follow. Just go to my Easy 4 Step Tutorial on How to Create Your Own Website and get started. The sooner you start the sooner you can carve your path to financial independence!


  1. Oh phew, for a sec I thought these earnings were from just this one site! But still, it looks like you’re crushing it, dude!

  2. William from Business Education says

    Interested in knowing more about the clients’ sites and growing that. Seems like it would be impossible to manage so many clients? Do you manage most of it or have many helpers?

  3. Interested in knowing more about the clients’ sites and growing that. Seems like it would be impossible to manage so many clients? Do you manage most of it or have many helpers?

  4. Wow, your numbers are very impressive.

    Can you expand on that $76K made from client sites? How does it work?


  5. Budi Ardiman says

    hi mate.
    where and how you establish website? and how much website that you have right now ?
    i just spent my money to do this too, like buy 5-10 blog/site. and i’m retired.
    thank you.

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