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April 2017 – Net Income Report

I think over the past couple years I have all but exhausted the same monthly income reporting format. You most likely are aware of how I make my money, and what the different buckets of revenue and expense mean now. If not, then feel free to read over last months net income report, or simply contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have!

Last month I was pretty adamant that I was nearing my peak of monthly earnings, but that I was having a good month. As it turns out, I had my best month by far. Below you can see a snapshot of my monthly income breakdown:

At nearly $98,000 I was just shy of making 6-figures in one month! A feat that I never would have thought possible just few years ago. I have seen a steady rise in income as I continue my efforts to buy up more sites and increase and diversify my customer base. Though, admittedly, I do have a few higher volume customers that contribute the most to my earnings.

Here are an update of my goals, what I have done over the past month, and how I plan on moving forward to continue growing the business to a genuine digital media agency.

  1. Acquire more websites, and attempt to reach 100+ by year end: I’m not sure I will reach my goal by year end, but I’m also transitioning my focus to higher quality sites rather than buying up in large quantities. I have two additional sites that I purchased in April/May, one of which is a reputable news outlet that is on the downswing in traffic and significance, but still a legitimate contender to be the highest quality web property I own right now.
  2. Increase my customer base: My focus this year has been on providing the highest quality customer service. I over deliver on my promises to the customer. Regardless, the only way to organically grow my business is to continue to reach out to new customers as often as possible. I utilize Facebook and LinkedIn daily in order to maximum my outreach.

Going forward, I am going to also work to build up all of the sites I’m purchasing. I have been utilizing Upwork to find virtual contractors that can fulfill my SEO and Marketing needs. So far so good, but the transition to a full on agency is going to be a long and lengthy process, and one that is going to take an investment of time and capital.

Remember… it all started with one website…my entire business began with just starting a single personal finance blog! Now I bring in revenue over $1,000,0000 annually, and my net earnings won’t be far behind that. I’m not a coder, I don’t understand anything that a website plug-in can’t do for me. I’m a technical idiot. My expertise and strength has been in my persistence to simply grow a business online and not to get discouraged and stop. It took a me nearly a year until I earned a dime from my blogging, and now I’m close to earning 7-figures annually.

My ultimate goal isn’t to retire, but rather, be financially independent. I work a day job currently, but the important part is that I don’t have to. I do it because it’s a challenge, I like the people, and I choose to do it. Eventually I might choose to do something else, and I am fortunate enough that I should be able to pursue whatever that is when the time comes.

Think of something you are passionate about and create a blog and put some effort into it! You don’t necessarily have to be the best at it…it only require passion and patience, and the money will eventually follow. Just go to my Easy 4 Step Tutorial on How to Create Your Own Website and get started. The sooner you start the sooner you can carve your path to financial independence!


  1. Great job with that online income! That’s no easy feat. 😉

  2. Crazy online income plus a 9 to 5! I love that. It shows you that you just need to be insanely productive with the time you do have at the end of the day. Great work!

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