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A Great Way to Save, Invest, and Grow Your Money with Iban Wallet

Many people find managing money, handling investment decisions and sticking to a budget as complex tasks that need time, energy and expertise. However, given the myriad of personal investment apps on the Google Play Store, these chores have become much easier and quicker than ever before.

Despite the overabundance of money management and investment tools available out there, not every app is worth downloading. Before you decide to digitize your finances, it is better to research a bit and look for the app that offers secure investment options, simple setup and easy-to-use features that suit your unique needs and preferences.

Apps such as Iban Wallet allow its users to manage their financial life at their fingertips. It is primarily focused on individual users and families whose priority is saving. If you do not have much time to think much about your investments but want to contribute and save regularly, then this platform is a good option.

What is iban wallet?

As a fintech startup, Iban Wallet follows the contemporary asset-backed loan investment business model. This means that an account holder with the company does not know the loans that are receiving his or her investments, but they are able to choose the investment duration and tier. While this platform offers an average interest rate in the market, it is considerably safer and more secure.

What are the core features of the Iban Wallet app?

  • A user can deposit, save and invest their money in either of the 3 investment accounts available on the app.
  • Opening an account on the app requires less than 3 minutes.
  • The minimum deposit and investment amount required is €1 only.
  • A user can earn and receive a projected fixed interest daily on their Iban Account from 2.5% up to 6.0% (depending on the particular investment account they select).
  • A user can view their interest earned on a daily basis from their app.
  • Personal as well as business accounts are available on the app free of charge.
  • A user can deposit money or request withdrawals whenever needed and without any charges.

People who tend to invest in digital platforms will find Iban Wallet app a much easier, secure and simple-to-use option. If you prefer instant liquidity while earning a projected fixed interest on a daily basis, then this platform will prove to be a good saving and investment choice. Since the interest is paid up to every day right into your Iban Account, you are able to see how your money will grow on a regular basis.

Creating an Iban Account on the Iban Wallet app is even easier than creating one on their website. The whole registration process is quite straightforward and the app is also extremely easy to navigate. However, you will need a phone number linked to your account for the purpose of receiving validation and security codes. The users can speak to one of the company’s customer happiness agents and financial advisors for queries or grievances. This is a great mobile app with no fees or hidden fees for using this platform.

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