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6 Oddball Ways to Save even More Money in 2016

We all could use a little more money in the old savings account, and finding even more ways to scrimp and squirrel away the dough is one sure way of accomplishing that goal, no matter how weird it gets.

Let’s count the ways:

  1. Use free Wifi – If you really want to save on internet bills, cancel your home subscription and get your butt to the nearest library for some quiet surfing time. Other surprising places that offer free wifi are:
    • some parks
    • laundromats
    • bus/train stations
    • museums
    • courthouses
    • McDonald’s
    • Best Buy
    • Whole Foods Market
    • Coffee shops

You’d have to be creative when using wifi in these places though, especially if you don’t have dirty laundry to wash or a court date. Use a wifi signal booster if you plan on hanging out outside the premises. Without any home wifi, you need to schedule your trips to these places accordingly, but you need to walk or bike there or your transportation costs will negate your free internet.

  1. Charge your phone some place else – Don’t charge your phone or other electronics at home. If you drive to work or car pool, use the car charger. Charge your other electronics once you get to the office. If you use an iPhone, go the nearest iStore and charge it there. You can jury rig a simple phone charger using cheap solar panels. You’ll spend a little initially, but get free charging forever.
  2. Intermittent Fasting – Eat your last meal at 8pm, skip breakfast and eat lunch at 12 noon. You shouldn’t snack or drink anything but water or black coffee in between. You just fasted for 16 hours. Now, give yourself a “feeding” window of of 8 hours, meaning you can only eat until 8pm. Anything after that isn’t allowed. Rinse and repeat.

By skipping breakfast and giving yourself 8 hours to eat all your calories, you’re effectively cutting back on food and saving money because you’re omitting a whole meal from your daily food intake. If you have the willpower, extend your fast until 5pm and only give yourself a 4 hour feeding window. The other benefit of fasting? You’ll burn fat for fuel and lose weight. No more expensive gym membership!

  1. Eat Free Taste Food – Supermarkets, grocery stores and even trade fairs always have stalls that offer a free taste of whatever it is they’re trying to sell. Brownies, salsa, salad, chicken – anything that needs a kick in the pants to sell more, they will offer patrons to taste it for free. The portions are on the small side, but just tell them you need to get a mouthful to really savor the taste.
  2. Call Someone, then Hang Up – This is really annoying, but effective if you want to cut down on your phone bill. Chances are, the person you’re calling will call you back and ask what happened. Just make an excuse that it got cut, the signal went bonkers, etc. Don’t do it to the same person all the time though. You’ll get caught being an annoying cheapskate.
  3. DIY Facials – Trips to the salon can get expensive, and over the counter facials cost a lot too. Go all natural and use whatever is available in your kitchen. Milk is a popular ingredient in facials because of lactic acid, a natural skin exfoliant and peel. Other popular DIY facial ingredients are vinegar, yogurt, honey, lemons, bananas, oats and cucumber.

Some of these ingredients can be combined to make a more potent scrub, so make sure you scour the internet (using free, wifi of course) for homemade facial recipes.

There you have it, 6 unconventional ways to save more money in 2016. The methods may be a little wacky, but it’s the results that matter in the end. What about you? Any weird money saving tips you’d like to share?


  1. I need to look into getting a booster for my RV so that I can get better wifi and free wifi while on the road. Never realized how hard it would be without one!

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