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5 Ways to Get the Most Out Of Your Garden

There is common perception that a small yard means difficulty in growing plants. But, you can still get a large yield if you’re efficient in the way you go about your gardening. Read the tips below if you want to know how. You’ll realize that your cozy corner of earth is perfect for gardening.

Companion planting

There are some varieties of plants that supplement each other’s growth. Some hinder their proper nutrition. Taller plants may act as a shade for smaller plants that need less direct sunlight for proper growth. Other the other hand, some plants may drive off pests from dainty seedlings. Planting such species together can lead to an improved yield.

One smart way of planting is growing lettuce with a tall plant to provide shade from the scorching heat of the sun.  Roses and garlic can be grown together as garlic can assist in keeping rose pests at bay. Collards grow well alongside catnip as it lessens flea-beetle damage and keeps mosquitoes away too.

Grow Unusual, High-value Plants

You might think it’s unreasonable to squeeze in vegetables in your limited garden space. But did you know that growing herbs like basil, cilantro, lavender and ginseng sell well in the market? These herbs have a notable demand in food industry and in the making of medicine. You can sell this product at a good price given its demand in the market.

Growing exotic fruits or vegetables that aren’t accessible in the market can be a lucrative prospect for your garden. You can sell these vegetables at a cheaper price. This will also distinguish your garden from others that grows everyday plants.

On a related note, if your state permits it, you could try your hand at growing weed. Even if you’re not allowed to sell it for recreational consumption, it may be possible to do so for medicinal purposes. You can even plant marijuana indoors if you’re worried about the weather or your neighbors. Just make sure you’ve got the best grow light for marijuana you can afford.

Appropriate Seed Spacing

The instructions on the packets of many plants you buy tell you to have a ‘considerable’ amount of space between each seed. This is not always accurate and can take up a lot of space. The trick is to plant a few varieties at first according to the mentioned instructions. Observe the plants after they grow and analyzing if they could be moved closer to each other.

Planting species that harvest sooner

Plant one variety. After your first batch is grown and gathered, plant a different kind in its place. Seeing your garden’s diverse yield is sure to give you more satisfaction. This will be most effective when your plants yield in a shorter period of time. Doing so will keep you more interested in gardening different types of plants every once in a while. If you’re living in an area with a longer growing season then you’re lucky as you can cultivate at least three crops.

Get ready to cross off every plant you wished to grow in your garden in a short matter of time!

Raised beds, hanging pots and baskets

Out of horizontal space to grow in your garden? Hang some baskets! This will let you to plant extra varieties in your garden, and making good use of the sunshine it receives. Vegetables and fruit that are generally classified as small plants grow best in these: we’re talking about herbs like rosemary, thyme, basil and fruits such as strawberries. Hanging baskets and pots also do well for creeping plants.

Moreover, raised beds are known in the gardening world for being a medium to achieve extra space in the yard. Classical versions of the raised beds are designed so gardeners could enjoy more gardening space. Apart from being practical, the raised beds enhance the aesthetic of your garden!

These are but a few techniques that I’ve discovered. You may end up finding others on your own that works better for you. The trick is to be as open-minded and be creative. Instead of thinking about your garden in two dimensions, think of it in three (length, breadth, height)!


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