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5 Tricks Millennials Use that You Can Too

5 Tricks Millennials Use that You Can Too | Life Hacks | Tips and Tricks | Career Development

Though many bemoan the poor fate of millennials with a limited job market, overqualified people taking on meaningless jobs, and the inability to secure a wage that could support a family, millennials actually have a lot going for them. Apart from the part that many of them have achieved higher education, have interesting passions, and an incredible sense of open mindedness, millennials have some tricks up their sleeves to help them with getting positions that they maybe aren’t perfectly suited for, or with building their own businesses.

It’s time that we borrow a couple “life hacks” from the young so that we too can benefit from them in our professional and personal lives.

  1. Become an App Programmer Without Coding

Building a mobile application, otherwise known as an “app” seems like a lot of hard work and expert knowledge. However, the millennials aren’t scared off by this seemingly overwhelming task. They know that they can find an app-builder engine that is designed to handle all the coding so that you don’t have to. Though the quality is not as good as if it were built from scratch by a professional, it gives them the chance to work out all their ideas before they go and have to get help, something that can save them a lot of money. Sometimes, only a basic app is needed so their little project might just be enough, and no coding classes were needed.

  1. Become a Graphic Designer without Experience

Being a graphic designer takes years of schooling and a ton of experience before you can really produce anything worth using, right? The millennials would answer “wrong”. There is a wide selection of pages and programs online where you can easily create your own designs, posters, social media images and more, without expensive software and with professional results. Though you might not be able to design and digitize a logo from scratch, there are customizable templates for you to start with, lots of inspiration, and it’s all as easy as dragging and dropping. Time to start designing your own flyers!

  1. Edit Photos in Minutes

Adobe Photoshop is truly a beast. Unless you have spent hours going through online tutorials or have taken a class dedicated to its usage, you’re useless. Other than opening the program you won’t know what to do next. However, having professionally edited photos makes all the difference for images that you use in your business and your personal life. Millennials are very aesthetics and design-oriented, meaning having beautifully edited photos is a big priority to them. Thankfully they have a number of apps that they can use to quickly and decently transform their picture, even right from their phone!

  1. Uncle Google Knows Everything

Millennials don’t call their parents or grandparents for advice anymore- they simply “google it”. With the internet being such a great part of their lives, the younger generation has no reserves to simply typing in a question, from how to remove a stain from a silk shirt, who is the CEO of a company that they are interested in, to what HTML coding is needed to make a picture centered in a blog post. This is something that you can easily use in your own life, and next time you quickly need an appetizer for unexpected guests, don’t start browsing your cookbooks, just type it in the search bar!

  1. Confidence

Sometimes called an unwarranted sense of entitlement, millennials have something that others seem to misunderstand: confidence. From a young age, they have been told that they are special, they can achieve anything with hard work, and that a single person has the power to change the world. Though sometimes reality can throw a hard punch, many of this generation have a sense of confidence that the rest of us can only be jealous of. Try some confidence on yourself, and see where it can take you. Perhaps it will guide you to your boss’s office with a pitch for a new product or service, maybe it will help you approach someone that you want to get to know better, or even dress in a way that shows the world who you really are.

Though the millennials still have a lot to learn and experience in their lives, there are some lessons and tricks that we can learn from them. Not only will it help us in our own daily lives, it will help us better understand this generation as we interact with them.


  1. Interesting notes! I would like to say that millenials are much smarter than the 80s children. They grew on the rise of the Internet and this makes them so modern.

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