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5 Things That Are Driving Me Insane


This is pretty much a fluff post but I was tired of looking at the guest post about funeral insurance. Just not what I want to see at the moment and I’m sure most of you agree. But I’m in a pissy, ranty mood anyway so it all works out.

1. When companies ship things in multiple packages. Last weekend I ordered some clothes from Old Navy because they were offering 20% off and free shipping in time for Christmas. Instead of just sending me my stuff, they opted to separate it into 3 separate boxes that shipped on 3 different days. And of course the pieces that go together aren’t in the same box, so none of the outfits I had planned are going to work out. Thanks, Old Navy.

2. My son’s eating habits. Jayden eats like 8 things, which is annoying enough. But today he decided he HAD to eat (for the fourth time today) even though we’re leaving for dinner at my parents’ house in a little over an hour. He couldn’t wait. He was starving. And now he won’t be hungry and my mom will flip out wondering why he isn’t eating once we get there. Thanks, kid.

3. The crowds at Walmart. I need to buy groceries. Not Christmas gifts or Christmas food or any of the stuff that most people are buying right now. Just plain old food. Yet I refuse to go to the grocery store because the parking lot is overflowing. Why can’t people go home for awhile? Don’t the Waltons get enough of our money already? Thanks, Walmart.

4. My dogs’ bodily functions. Moxie is on a projectile vomiting kick. I have no idea why. The other night she puked and the other dogs ran through it like it was a slip & slide, spreading it through the whole house. My brain now associates the smell of the cleaner I used with puke smell, and even though multiple people have said my house doesn’t smell like dog vomit, I still smell it. Thanks, dogs (and brain).

5. Christmas cards with inappropriate apostrophes. Last night my mom was showing me all the photo Christmas cards she has received so I could see her friends’ kids and grandkids. And every single one of them committed apostrophe abuse with their own last names. Merry Christmas from the Smith’s! The Vincent’s wish you a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year! With love from the Clark’s! WHY DO PEOPLE NOT REALIZE HOW WRONG THAT IS? Thanks, people.

Okay, I think I’m done. It’s out of my system and I can now feign Christmas cheer for the next 5-6 days. Want to gripe about something? Leave it below and I will totally feel your pain!


  1. The same thing happened to me with cleaning up cat vomit and this now-awful smelling lemon scented lysol cleaner! Have you tried Fabuloso cleaner? It smells really nice!

    • I've eyeballed Fabuloso a couple of times but never bought it. I hate buying stuff with a smell I like because I know I'll grow to hate it if I ever have to clean up something gross! I'm just glad I have microfiber couches and no carpet…. Otherwise I'd probably just have to blow up the house and start over.

  2. The last minute panic of gift buying and a Christmas get together that is now on Saturday instead of Christmas and what the heck are we gonna eat? (just a little stressed)

    • Oh, I left that part out of my rant. We have to be at my parents' tonight, then somewhere Saturday morning, Monday morning, Monday evening, Tuesday afternoon, and Wednesday evening. WHY MUST EVERYONE HAVE SEPARATE GATHERINGS? Okay, I'm done. Thanks for reminding me! And good luck with food prep – it SUCKS to be caught off guard like that!

  3. It's Christmas, dog nab it! Not "holidays". Each one of the holidays that are happening around now (Hanuka, Christmas, Diwali, etc etc) are worth their own merit and wishes. Stop with the "happy holidays" or the "we don't sell Christmas cards, we sell Holiday cards" that make me want to scream:


    • I don't mind the whole "happy holidays" thing but I know a lot of people do. Personally, it's easier for me than trying to remember what everyone celebrates or whether they celebrate anything at all. Then again, my circle of friends is more diverse than most. Glad you got it out here, though!

    • It's not Christmas for everyone, but thanks for reminding everyone of the prevailing ignorance that is possessed by so many. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

      • HA! I wouldn't go as far as to say its ignorance, but it does get annoying how not one Jewish holiday is ever represented by a day off or of celebration. Hell, I'm not even a practicing Jew but it gives me something to rail on which is always fun.

        • Eric, you should try moving to NJ. We had Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kimpur off from school every year. That fact is consistently on every list about how great NJ is.

  4. My husband's family is Jewish and mine is mostly Christian but they both celebrate the New Year so that is 3 holidays to wish people happiness on – much much easier to say happy holidays.

    I laughed at this post – when I wanted to go to Walmart to buy my diet coke (because it is the only place in town that sells 24 packs), the parking lot was FULL. I was so annoyed the entire time I was there because there were people EVERYWHERE. Also, my husband is terrible when it comes to eating before meals. He'll be chomping down treats or bread an hour or so before dinner is ready. I'm getting in a bad mood just thinking about it haha 🙂

  5. Pauline @ Reach Financial Independence says

    I try to write as well as I can since English is not my first language, but I have learned those apostrophe rules later in life than native speakers and probably remember how to use them correctly when many forgot. I noticed very few people use the plural apostrophe like "go to my parents' " and even had to check up proper use for then and than because I saw so many errors made by bloggers I thought I had to be wrong.

  6. I GET YOU on the apostrophe abuse. My mother in law gave me a Christmas sign to hang outside our door that says "Merry Christmas from the Smith's" (our last name is not smith, but you get the idea). And it KILLS me. I want to fix it so bad. I love the sign but that one damn apostrophe ruins it a little bit…

  7. I HATE crowds. Like borderline agoraphobia. I always try to go shopping at off times, like Monday nights.

  8. Re: your first rant… this is a common practice in retail because, most likely, your items had to be pulled from multiple warehouses or even possibly stores. So rather than making you wait longer for all items to come in to the warehouse and sending it in one package, they've decided that you should have the items earlier as they come.

    Otherwise, I hate crowds. This is why I purchased every present this year online. 🙂

    Hope your day/week improves!

  9. Oddly enough, I'm gripe free at the moment. I'm attributing this to the fact that I just got off work and don't go back for another 11 days. *Massive sigh of relief* It also may have to do with the fact that I've been getting up at 3:45am for the last 7 days and I'm a bit of a zombie right now. Meh.

    Is it possible to grocery shop during the day when most people are at work?

    • The only good time to go around here is the middle of the night… I live in a small rural town with high unemployment rates, so there's really no difference during working hours. I do like going really late but I've been trying to sleep at night like a normal human lately. Ended up going tonight and wanted to jump off a cliff in the first five minutes. But at least I survived!

  10. Thank you so much for #5! We got a card with an abused apostrophe just yesterday. My husband doesn't get why it bothered me. You should check out Grammar Girl if you don't already know about it.

  11. Budget & the Beach says

    ha ha! My cat is always on a puking rampage. Luckily he doesn't slip and slide through it. So gross. My gripe is that my mail comes so late, like sometimes 7 or 8pm. what? why? ugh! 🙂

    • Wow, really? That's crazy! You should just skip a day of checking the mailbox, then the following day it will be there first thing in the morning. From then on it will *seem* to get there early even though it doesn't. 😀

      I actually only check my mailbox once or twice a week – I never get anything good. Just Walmart ads!

  12. plantingourpennies says

    Whenever someone adds an inappropriate apostrophe, I just mentally add an inappropriate noun in my head.
    With Love, The Smith's
    With Love, The Smith's Dog

    It's more fun being amused than annoyed =) Plus, I'm pretty sure I've made the same mistake on occasion when I have a brain fart.

  13. I'm a newlywed and sent out our first Christmas cards this year. I am amazed how many people have "let me know" that "Fiscuses" should be "Fiscus's" (as in: Happy holidays from the…). Luckily, none of them are school teachers!

  14. I agree with you on the apostrophe thing! "Merry Christmas from The Smith's." Hmm, something the Smiths own is wishing me a merry Christmas. I just wish I knew what it was! I swear some people need remedial elementary school!

  15. Lol!!
    I just finished my shopping, except a pair of jeans for my son.
    Our Wally World is open 24/7 so I just go at 4am. I can't do crowds.
    Just 4 more days…

    And for Christmas, my (very recent) ex is bringing his girlfriend to town for a week. The one he didn't leave me for… Hohoho… Merry Christmas :-p
    (Pun intended)

    • Ours is always open, too. I'd been going really late at night but it's so cold I don't want to. I wish there was a grocery delivery service around here in the winter!

      I laughed my head off re: your ex's girlfriend. They're NEVER leaving us for someone else – it's in the scumbag handbook!

  16. Here's my gripe: I'm extremely annoyed that I had to pull my daughter out of school permanently due to her teacher bullying her, and my complaints to the principal and the guy above him are falling on deaf ears. They wouldn't accept this kind of behavior from another child (supposedly), so why is it being swept under the rug when it's from a staff member? And what kind of "teacher" picks on a kid with so many physical challenges and not much self esteem to begin with?!

    • I've never understood why people who dislike children decide to become teachers. My son had a *terrible* experience with a teacher in 4th grade and still has nightmares about it (and he's now 14 – this happened when he was 8). Ugh, so sorry to hear but I hope your daughter feels safer and happier at home.

  17. Anne_UGifter says

    Everyone's just trying to tell you that they own something, haha.
    I also hate when retailers ship in multiple packages. A lot of the things I buy online are received at a shipping warehouse place, then I drive down to the US to pick them up. It avoids paying border crossing fees, I get to use my duty allowance, etc. However, I pay per package, so I get irked when it happens. The worst one yet was a mini book from Amazon. One of those ones that's 3"x3" … it came in its own package. I had to pay an extra $3 for a book that fits in the palm of my hand and prob only cost me $2 to start!!

  18. I hate that the NHL season is lost,

    Not that anyone really cares but it's different and I like being different.

    • I really tried to care about hockey for a minute but I couldn't. Sorry! I can only belong to one religion at a time, and as you know, in Kentucky that's the NCAA.

  19. So on the apostrophe thing. If you had several friends who all shared a kid, it would be friends' kid. If you had a lot of friends and they all had their own kid, it would be friend's kids, and if you had a lot of friends who all shared the same group of kids, it would be friends' kids. Is this right?

    • Wait….what? The number of kids has nothing to do with the apostrophe – you're either going to say kid or kids. It's the number of friends that matters. If one friend has any number of children, you'd say either "friend's kid" or "friend's kids." But if multiple friends have any number of children, it's "friends' kid" or "friends' kids." And now the word "friend" no longer looks like a real word to me because I've typed it so many times. 😀

  20. Brick By Brick says

    Walmart is crazy to begin with!

  21. My First World gripe is that two of my friends tried to send me gifts anonymously but the companies put the sender's name on the packing list! (<— there's an extra grammar error in there for you to gripe about! Merry Christmas!)

    A great problem to have, but it was awkward letting them know that their packages arrived and thanks for thinking of me and they both respond – "Uh, that was supposed to be anonymous!"

  22. I had to go to Walmart to buy coil for my school project, I kid you not I was there for 2 hours. BAH HUMBUG

  23. afistfulodollars says

    Gah! Apostrophe abuse! I hate it when people do it on their mailboxes – "the smith's!" that doesn't mean what you think it means, it means that only one member of your family is staking a claim on your mailbox. RARGH.

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