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5 Creative Baby Shower Gifts

Who doesn’t love baby showers?  There’s so much anticipation for the new baby.  It’s fun seeing the mother’s pregnant belly and hearing how excitedly she anticipates the baby.  I love to watch the mom open the gifts because they remind me of all the best baby gadgets, toys, and gear that I received and used for my babies.

The trouble with baby showers, especially if you have lots of friends and family members having babies close to the same time, is that buying the gifts can be expensive.  If you’re on a tight budget, you may struggle because you don’t want to buy something that is too inexpensive, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money and ruin your budget, either.

However, there are plenty of ways you can give a fairly low cost, creative gift.

Baby essentials basket.  One great idea is to buy some of the smaller baby essentials that are fairly low cost and create a basket for the gift.  For instance, get a basket and buy some small items off the registry like a pacifier, thermometer, and nasal bulb syringe.  Then, round out the gift with items that you got for free.  You could add some diapers that you got for free as well as a baby outfit that you got for free.  (To get the baby outfit for free, consider using reward points like those from Gymboree or using a rewards site like Swagbucks to get a free gift card to buy the outfit.)

Create a gift.  Mothers always have a baby registry or two, but there’s nothing wrong with creating your own gift if it’s something you know the mother will really want and that will be useful.  I’ve gone to baby showers and seen homemade gifts like blankets, bibs, and hooded baby towels.  My friend decorated her baby’s nursery in a fairy tale scene complete with wizards and a castle, so I cross-stitched her a picture that matched perfectly.

Go in on a gift with others.  If you’d like to give a more substantial gift but can’t afford to do so, consider going in on the gift with others.  When I received my son’s baby stroller, four families had pooled their money together to buy it.  I didn’t mind that they shared the cost because that was one less item on my registry that I’d have to buy myself.

Give a gift card.  If you can get gift cards as a reward for using your credit card, consider giving the new mom a gift card.  This is a gift you can give for free, and the parents will appreciate the extra cash, especially since newborns can be so expensive.

Give a gift of your time.  Another gift you can give is the gift of service.  You can offer the gift of meals for the first few days after baby is born.  Make them at home and drop them off to the family.  Or, as an even better idea, cook up some meals and freeze them.  Then, the parents can make them whenever they’ve had a busy day.

A tight budget doesn’t mean you have to settle for giving a small gift.  There are plenty of ways to gift the soon-to-be parents.

What is your favorite low-cost baby shower gift?

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