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Archives for September 2011

Stuff to Read While I’m Gone

As most of you know, I’m in Chicago for the Financial Blogger Conference! In an effort to concentrate on enjoying myself and learning a ton about improving my site, I won’t be writing again until I recover get back. Never fear, though – I didn’t leave you with nothing to do while I’m gone. Some of […]

Choosing Bankruptcy Services That Are Right For You

This is a sponsored guest post from Debt Advisory Line. When it comes to bankruptcy, most people feel completely alone. It is cold comfort that you’re not the only one entering into insolvency; in fact, bankruptcy numbers have steadily risen for a long time and three million households in the UK alone are facing massive […]

How to Stop the Cycle of Overdraft Fees, Part Two

 Yesterday I introduced a 10-step process that will help you stop overdrawing your bank account. (Actually it’s more like 100 steps, but I tried to break it down into manageable pieces.) If you missed that post, go back and check it out now so you’ll know what we’re talking about. Where We Are I’ve given […]

How to Stop the Cycle of Overdraft Fees, Part One

  When I was broke, overdraft fees were my biggest nemesis. No matter how careful I thought I was being, I paid at least $200 a month to the bank simply because I spent money that wasn’t there. I can’t even count the number of times I called my parents saying, “I need to put […]

Random Thoughts – Packing My Suitcase Edition

I’ll be leaving for the Financial Blogger Conference in less than five days and I am PUMPED! This weekend, I’ll be attempting to prepare posts for you guys to read while I’m gone, getting some of my stuff packed, AND making an emergency shopping trip (since I ordered a jacket that apparently got sent to […]