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10 Top Tips to Make More Money after Brexit

Several months on from Brexit and fear is still looming in the minds of the majority of Brits. While foreign investment companies and spread betting enthusiasts may be enjoying smoother sailing, the average ‘Joe’ is reigning in their expenditure and always on the lookout for new opportunities and extra income streams. In the true spirit of British comradery then, we’d like to share our 10 Top Tips to make more money now and hopefully make your night’s sleep become that bit more peaceful in return.

1)     Sell your old junk: While most of us are not quite at the ‘hoarding’ level, old kids clothes, toys and games, computer parts and more are probably ageing quietly in your old drawers and random bags. Companies like CEX, Music Magpie or just your old fashioned boot sale could be a great way to raise a few hundred pounds.

2)     Rent out your spare bedroom: With Brexit-fever gripping the nation, buyers are turning to renting in the hopes that house prices will fall next year. With a booming rental market comes fast cash and you may find that the kids old bedroom or vacant loft conversion suddenly becomes your ticket to an additional income stream

3)     Blog online: Almost everyone we’ve ever met has an opinion about something – and that’s pretty much the main ingredient to blogging. Simply buy yourself a domain (or get a free one from somewhere like Wix) and throw a few affiliate banners on the site so you can profit from others who want to read about your daily dilemmas or weekly wins

4)     Freelance: There are whole sites like Fiverr and Freelancer out there that are looking to match skilled individuals with people looking to buy their services. Whether you are a writer, designer, developer or just a social media enthusiast – you can generate a decent side income – working as and when you feel like it

5)     Play the Markets: While this may be a more ‘risky’ opportunity, the potential returns are huge. Don’t let the falling pound hurt your holiday budgets and bet on it to recover or fall further to net yourself a potentially hefty profit. Just be sure to set a stop loss before you start spread betting away your nest egg.

6)     Staycation: We’ve all heard the word but only a few seem to take it seriously. Why go abroad and suffer from a weaker exchange rate when you can head to one of the UK’s many lovely locations for a fraction of the price and without all the airport and ferry dramas.

7)     Surf Online or Review stuff: There are tons of websites online that will pay you for your opinions or just to click banners. While these may not turn you into the next Bill Gates – those of an ‘every penny helps’ disposition may not want to shy away from these potentials.

8)     Get Cashback on your everyday purchases: Just being yourself may finally pay off! Sites like Quidco and TopCashback will pay you a bounty or percentage of sale just for doing what you’re already going to do anyway – be it signing up to Sky or shopping online – some users have bragged about stacking up £10’000’s over the years!

9)     Education pays: If you’ve tucked your degree away in some old cupboard, this may be the time to dust it off. Tutors can get paid up to £25 an hour or more, and just a few hours a week can easily net you another £500-1000 per month! Google some of the obvious options and sign up today using any of the free tutor boards

10)  Become a Social Superstar: There are currently people on sites like Youtube and Twitter earning in excess of £1m per year just because they found their niche. Be it dressing up dolls, sharing your voice or just comically miming your way through the latest hit songs – using Youtube ads and stacking up viewing figures can actually pay well!

So there you have it – our top 10 tips to making some fast cash with little to no effort (our favourite way!). Remember that some of the sites you use may charge a commission and there are almost always free options as an alternative so never pay for something that you are sure isn’t free elsewhere. Good luck with your money making and let us know how you all get on.

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